Is it safe to aim fog lights at the same height as my low beams?

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    I have retrofitted projectors (mini h1 7.0) that have an extremely sharp cutoff for my low beams. However, even with the HID projector retrofit, I am having an extremely difficult time seeing the roads during the rainy season.

    I was thinking of installing some Rigid fog lights which are "sae'' approved fog lights which has a cutoff that resembles a projector headlight. They are the ones that have a cube / pod shape.


    If the cut off is this sharp, would it be okay to line up my fogs at the same height as my low beam projectors without having to worry about blinding other drivers?
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    What bulb did you use in your low beams? Are they like 6k or higher bulb color? To cut through rain, fog, snow etc you will want a fog bulb color like 3k or not much higher. Yellow light cuts through weather conditions better than white light (4300-5000 ish).

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