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  1. KennyGS

    Happy to be back in the Si fold

    Welcome back! :wavey:
  2. KennyGS

    BMW M3 Track Car

    VIR makes Vipers fly :eek:
  3. KennyGS

    BMW M3 Track Car

    Virginia International Raceway to replant relative of the iconic oak tree http://www.racer.com/imsa/item/107753-virginia-international-raceway-to-replant-relative-of-the-iconic-oak-tree
  4. KennyGS

    9CCD III: Official Chat Thread

    My RE11's were fantastic IMO in heavy rain. I'd buy another set without hesitation.
  5. KennyGS

    Post pictures of your pets

    What cuties!
  6. KennyGS

    New Si owner 2013

    Congratulations & welcome! :wavey: You've chosen a great bang for the buck car.
  7. KennyGS

    How fast were you going and how much jail time are you going to get?

    Once, while traveling at over 130 mph with my wife, she said that I should imagine getting pulled over and getting a huge ticket. I said she should imagine me being handcuffed and then how she'll get home since she can't drive stick.
  8. KennyGS

    2014 FB6 From Miami

    Welcome! :wavey:
  9. KennyGS

    Best Auto Insurance Companies - 2014

    Way to dump those *******. :thumb:
  10. KennyGS

    2014 Civic Touring Crsytal Black Pearl

    Cool! I see you've now added that info in your user location. :thumb:
  11. KennyGS

    2014 Civic Touring Crsytal Black Pearl

    Welcome! :wavey: Where in Canada are you located?
  12. KennyGS

    Wisconsin residence dealership

    Wisconsin's a big state. Also, are you close to Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan? This could help others with your search. :thumb: Good luck.
  13. KennyGS

    Need to vent about the car wash

    Sorry that nail spoiled your day. I would just plug it and move on - quick and easy fix. Some feel better getting an inside patch. Hopefully you got it fixed and got back to your day quickly.
  14. KennyGS

    New 2014 Si Coupe from NYC

    Nice! :thumb: I wonder how far away you are from @Freddiii . :think:
  15. KennyGS

    New 2014 Si Coupe from NYC

    Welcome. Looking great! :thumb: Where in the city are you?
  16. KennyGS

    9thcivic Ride Of The Month July 2014 Winner

    You should start a thread with pics so we all can see.
  17. KennyGS

    Post a new photo you took!

    I know you're from NJ, and that's the USS NJ... Here's a pic from the bridge
  18. KennyGS

    Post a new photo you took!

    Nice! ...but not Jersey?