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  1. dentrecords

    F-150 Raptor extreme jump

    Well that's an expensive way to attempt to impress people.
  2. dentrecords

    Dead 2006 Civic Si

    Hey guys.. My 2006 Civic Si is dead. I parked it, came back at the end of the day and attempted to start it. The starter tried to turn the engine over twice and then all the lights went out on the dash... and it stopped. The remote on the key no longer locks/unlocks the door, but the...
  3. dentrecords


  4. dentrecords

    Ken Block's Gymkhana Five

  5. dentrecords

    How we do sports news in Canada

  6. dentrecords

    Official De-Motivational Poster Thread

  7. dentrecords

    70mph mobility scooter in the snow

    why not? :snow:
  8. dentrecords

    Cat on a soccer field

    Meow. The Anfield cat is even on twitter now. https://twitter.com/#!/anfieldcat
  9. dentrecords

    Just another day fishing in Canada

  10. dentrecords


  11. dentrecords

    Creationism in the classroom

    just... speechless - especially after the very last few seconds of the video.
  12. dentrecords

    Fishing under water

  13. dentrecords

    Dubstep miming

  14. dentrecords

    Nutrigrain makes you feel great

    An oldie but a goodie.
  15. dentrecords

    Mike Rowe Sells A Lava Lamp on TV

  16. dentrecords

    Don Cherry's Piano Desk

  17. dentrecords

    Frodo gets trolled

  18. dentrecords

    Rage Builder

    Let's see what y'all can come up with, eh? http://ragecomics.memebase.com/rage-builder/