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  1. ethlar

    Sold VLED Triton V3 and fog Housings

    VLED Triton V3 - Red - 7440 adapters these things are great, they have a optic on the end to help fill the housing with light from an LED, and you can actually focus them to the specific housing you put them in. I have them on my front and rear turn signals, got different tails on my accord...
  2. ethlar

    Sold RX350/STI-r Bixenon projectors

    Picked these up for a retro on the accord but opted to go a different direction. RX350 bixenon projectors swapped with STI-r lenses OEM RX350 shrouds OEM bixenon trigger harnesses I want $250 plus shipping for everything These projectors have output on par with rx330s after tweaking and lens...
  3. ethlar

    Ethlar's significantly faster CM6

    My trusty FA1 of many years and 125,000 miles gave up on me last month with a random engine seizure. I was able to get it running again but not before i had replaced it, not trusting that the FA1 would not abandon me again i opted to keep the replacement...
  4. ethlar

    Sold Pioneer AVIC z140bh, Metra AXXESS

    Up for sale is my Pioneer AVIC z140bh, metra AXXESS steering wheel interface, FA specific CCD rear view camera and 8th gen GPS antenna mounting plate. Nothing is wrong with this setup, Im selling my FA1 and have an accord to replace it that the stereo wont fit in. Its currently in a 8th gen...
  5. ethlar

    Sold BMW x5 LED Fog Lamps

    I have for sale a pair of brand new BMW x5 LED fogs. These things shoot a wide beam, when i test lit one from 3 ft away it cast about 6 ft of light from its centerline to the side. I think these are about the perfect size to put into a '13 si bumper fog opening. Best part is they have h11...
  6. ethlar

    Need help from '13 Si owners

    I just ordered a set of bmw x5 led fogs for fun, want to see what can possibly be done with them, but i think theyre a little too big to retro into the standard oval shaped honda fogs. However they may be perfect for the round '13 Si fog openings. Im looking for someone to grab a quick...
  7. ethlar

    Photography Cheat Sheets

  8. ethlar

    Cars and Coffee - Hunt Valley

    There is a weekly Cars and Coffee gathering in the parking lot for Joes Crab Shack in Hunt Valley MD, it starts at 8:00 am. Im planning on making semi regular appearances this summer either solo or with my dad. Some weekends I will be bringing a car to show, other times ill just come up in my...
  9. ethlar

    Not quite a Civic... but still fun

    Many years ago my dad bought this new as a fun car for himself, after years of daily driving and being street parked it needed some love, went into a shop for a restoration and 15 years later finally came home yesterday. No before pictures, but the car was in rough shape, here it is after a...
  10. ethlar


    no not catalytic converters, but cats. There is a family of stray cats that live in or near my neighborhood and for some reason they have recently decided the trunk of my car is the place to be. Ive never seen them on the car but in the mornings find dirty paw prints and claw scratches in the...
  11. ethlar

    Why you should use relay harnesses with HIDs

    http://theeshadow.com/files/volvo/hidcomp.html The author tested a few ballasts under warm and cold start conditions, just to show the amperage spike that happens when you first turn them on. Though he notes that the spike is too short in duration to blow a standard fuse, you are still pushing...
  12. ethlar

    Jackson Racing announces R18 Rotrex Supercharger kit

    Its for the 8th gen right now, but once hondata gets the flashpro for the 9th gen r18 I imagine there's potential for a 9th gen r18 SC build Yorba Linda, California (February 18, 2013) – World leading Honda Supercharger experts Jackson Racing are proud to announce their next generation...
  13. ethlar

    8th Gen Ethlar's Slow ASM FA1 Build

    Ive never made one of these before, and my car is far from exciting compared to some of the builds people have. Knowing the r18 was never meant to be a fast car i never planned to try to make it a fast car, just make it my car. After serving me faithfully for several years my first car and...
  14. ethlar

    Pioneer announces new 2013 lineup

    LAS VEGAS - CES BOOTH #1101 (January 8, 2013) – Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today launched three new in-dash navigation systems, AVIC-Z150BH, AVIC-X950BH and AVIC-X850BT, that combine advanced route guidance, multimedia entertainment and smartphone connectivity functions. The entire lineup of...
  15. ethlar

    Random pictures I've taken

    I dont get to travel to all the beautiful places dentrecords does, nor do I have his skill level, but I thought I'd share some of my pictures. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ethlar/
  16. ethlar

    New River Valley?

    Anyone in the NRV area? students at Tech or the other area schools? Looking to get a group together, maybe try doing some DIY projects
  17. ethlar

    Shark Week is Comming....

    Wanted to share a little tradition that occurs regularly in the DC area. The Discovery Communications building in Silver Spring MD in recent years "dresses up" for the weeks before and during Shark Week. Today during my drive to work I noticed, Chompy has returned Going to work Coming home
  18. ethlar

    Space Shuttle Discovery at the Smithsonian

    I had the opportunity to visit the Udvar Hazy annex where the Smithsonian put Discovery, heres some of the pictures i took while there.
  19. ethlar

    Sold Audio

    Little garage cleaning going on, found this sub box and amp that i had forgotten about. They havnt been used since 07 when my brother blew the 10in sub i had hooked up to it all Asking 40 for the amp and 40 for the box, or 60 for both picked up in MD. Willing to ship at buyers expense...
  20. ethlar

    Japanese Scientists Create Oddly Realistic Robot Butt

    :think: :scratches: http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2012-05/video-bizarrely-realistic-japanese-robotic-buttocks-responds-slaps Here's how Nobuhiro Takahashi and the University of Electro-Communications describe this project: "'SHIRI' is a buttocks humanoid robot that...