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  1. Oeuxx

    2016 model unveiled today!!!!

    What do you guys think of the new look? Plus they announced the TypeR coming to the states as well. Definitely a step in the right direction in my opinion.
  2. Oeuxx

    Avoid Protuninglab.com - Horrible experience

    Hey guys, First off, I made a few mistakes. One was not realizing there was a vendors page on the forum before making this purchase. The other was ordering the wrong OEM HID fog lights (bought 2012 si kit, I own a 2013 si). I am a dumbass and have learned from this. Now, that being said...
  3. Oeuxx

    Expected Ground Clearance on 2.5 Borla Exhaust

    Hi! I recently installed the full catback borla exhaust on my '13 SI. I noticed under the car today that the exhaust pipe doesn't sit flush and has less ground clearance than the rest of car. I'm not sure if this was always like this upon install. All clamps are on tight and the rubber mounts...
  4. Oeuxx

    I Need to Replace This Part... No Idea What it is Called

    Hello, I put in a K&N intake in my '13 Civic Si Sedan about 3 months ago. The other day I started to notice a change in sound from the intake. That's when I saw this when looking under the hood... I just need to know what this plastic piece is called so I can replace it. I either put the...