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  1. budurka29

    Budurka29's build

    Hey all :) since i started getting more mods thought id start a build thread :3 enjoy As of right now i dont have any updated pics sadly of the outside but my mods are Red jdm emblems from pro civic A few decals Red inside leds Ge nighthawk sport headlights Yellow jdm fog light bulbs 12...
  2. budurka29

    Sub and amp help?

    Does any1 know about subs and amps ? Im trying my best to understand the ohms and stuff i got that i need to match the ratings but i would have no idea how to wire it up? I wana get 2 pioneer 12in champion series subs that have a 2000 watt peak and a 600 watt rms. im probly gana do one at a...
  3. budurka29

    Birthday calendar?

    We should have a big calendar with every ones birthday on it :D mines today im 20 ! One more year lol .. I think the calendar would be a great way to make every1 feel more like family just a thought
  4. budurka29

    Driving down town and saw...

    I was cruising around town to pick some homo up thats car broke down before work and saw a lowered semi truck with hid's and neons ... Like tf that come from ... Thought he wanted to race ...
  5. budurka29

    Led and drl questions

    Ok i need to know why are the drl and HIGHBEAMS the same bulb for one!? And what are low beams and drl ? Diff between them? Say i have my lights on auto .. Its fogs and drl ? But the indicator is low beams ? Are low beams drl? No cause its a diff bulb size so tf !! Im lost .... And i wana put...
  6. budurka29

    Original Honda interior cleaner?

    Ok so i bought a brand new civic si and the smell inside is orgasmic ... No smelly tree is close so i need to know what they use in their detail ! And also how to clean it its like plastic and fabrics i need to clean (iv owned this car about a month now and i think its ready for its first bath...
  7. budurka29

    Low cost mods?

    Barely making the payments on this car so any cheap but cool looking mods? I want jdm emblems but there like $200 for pair like tf!? And yellow tint fog lights thats about all i can think as far as cheap
  8. budurka29

    South Carolina ?

    Any one up in South Carolina ? Really would like to meet people see cars and get new ideas ! I see tons of hondas here some1 has to be in this forum .. Also how do you go about the 9th gen sticker ... Kinda want one ... Really bad ... Haha never been apart of something like this first honda...
  9. budurka29

    Sub not hitting

    This is my sub its powered by a 900 watt amp and it only hits hard during certain songs and other songs u cant even tell i have a sub? Any1 have any ideas ? Really dont no wat all the db and super sonic and range and all those things are to tweak my amp all i no is if its on 12db (max for amp)...
  10. budurka29

    Band suggestions!?

    I dont listen to rap or pop ... Im more emo / post hard core any band suggestions ? I like Mayday parade Pierce the veil Five finger death punch Alesana Asking alexandria We came as romans Of mice and men Senses fail The used Mudvayne Silverstein Good Charlotte (throw back) Simple plan (throw...
  11. budurka29

    2013 civic si!

    I just bought a brand new 2013 civic si and i got a kicker comp 12 in it! Hit so hard it blew off my plate! One question i have is i have the trunk cover so my box doesnt lay flat theres those spaces and it slides around and when it hits it jumps how can i stop that!?