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  1. Chambers805

    Official Meaty fitment / Functional thread

    I'm running Konig Hypergrams in 17x9's +25 offset wrapped in Federal 595RR 255/40's. I also have Godspeed 2 way monomax coilovers running 12kg front and 14kg rear spring rates and progress 24mm RSB. Also all the Sirimoto and FKXRacing strut bars and under chassis braces.
  2. Chambers805

    Test Your Internet Speed.

    Home in San Jose
  3. Chambers805

    Understeer/oversteer problem need help

    Sounds like someone needs some coilovers and an alignment.
  4. Chambers805

    9thcivic Ride Of The Month July 2015 User Voting

    wow this month was super stiff, these cars all look pretty clean. I voted.
  5. Chambers805

    Reckless driving

    Can you request a Jury Trial? if so I would cops hate to go to court, I do it for speeding tickets and they will usually just drop the case.
  6. Chambers805

    Reckless driving

    you get a jury trial?
  7. Chambers805

    Best Springs

    I won't be planning to resell after they're destroyed on track, but they will be eventually replaced once i can afford a proper coilover system. All the coil overs I've seen so far are not up to the spec I would prefer for a true track application. For the street coil springs and shocks are way...
  8. Chambers805

    Why do people buy LX civics and then spend like 10k on RICE?

    Precisely! :P This is why I ask a reason for the DMV screwing me so hard.
  9. Chambers805

    Why do people buy LX civics and then spend like 10k on RICE?

    Insurance companies are heavily taxed which in parts about 50% of community funding's (in general). Insurance companies also assist many in hopes to lower their tax rates aswell. your registration prices sicken me :P
  10. Chambers805

    Best Springs

    I've been sitting on my brand new sportlines for a while and I haven't installed them yet. I want some of these Koni shocks where a decent place I can get them and whats the part number i have the 2014 Honda Civic SI Coupe.
  11. Chambers805

    Rice Thread

    Local GTR Spotting in town! :rotfl:
  12. Chambers805

    Why do people buy LX civics and then spend like 10k on RICE?

    Yea, I was thinking my insurance would go be around the 130$ range to come and find out it saved me money. Insurance doesn't make me as mad because it pays for more than you think, not only for your car but for your community. I turn 29 in August as well so we're a about year apart in age but I...
  13. Chambers805

    Why do people buy LX civics and then spend like 10k on RICE?

    The Si is pretty expensive over the other models, especially when the sales men get in their premium. The manual is for sure another reason, not every one can drive like a boss. The premium gas only makes this car better, runs cleaner and is built to take a pounding. The insurance I think is not...
  14. Chambers805

    9thcivic Ride Of The Month June 2015 Winner

    Congrats, I knew it wouldn't be long until this was on the cover its absolutely beautiful.
  15. Chambers805

    Stealth's 2012 Si Sedan Build

    Yea i was like, 12+ HP for -17 TQ? unless you drive in the high rev's all day or track/autoX consistently when would you use that extra 5 HP? the torque is the git up and go, I plan on keeping the stock manifold but getting it port matched along with the TB and a spacer. I think it would go good...
  16. Chambers805

    Bulb Sizes - Lamp Replacement Guide

    OK, thanks for the advise, maybe i can find just some overlays for the hi beams. I found these on Amazon hope they are decent. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UIURRG2/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AI8A31CFKBZTU
  17. Chambers805

    Bulb Sizes - Lamp Replacement Guide

    Ok so i need 4 HID kits? 1x H11 in 3k for fog, 1x 9005 3k DRL, 1x H11 8k low beams, and 1x 9005 8k for high beams? Or am I a dark and the 9005 hi beam and drl are the same exact and only need x1 H11 3k for fog, 1x H11 8k low beam, and 1x 9005 3k for hi beam/drl
  18. Chambers805

    Bulb Sizes - Lamp Replacement Guide

    I wanted to clarify which bulb size are the day light running lights, are they considered the low beams? which are H11 right? I want a specific color scheme going with H11 3k for fog lights and day light running lights but then my normal headlights i want to be 8k blue which are the 9005 right?
  19. Chambers805


    ohh man I wanna hear this! I was going to get the Tsudo combo here but wonder how it will sound at WOT http://www.semotors.com/tsudo-civic-si-2012-15-2dr-bellmouth-header-ti-tip-race-cat-back/