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  1. andre12dbsi

    9thcivic Ride Of The Month January 2016 Winner

    Congrats Pauly! Well deserved for sure.
  2. andre12dbsi

    Pauly's "You're my boy Blue!"

    Looks good Pauly. Love the winter shots. Still no snow here.
  3. andre12dbsi

    Pauly's "You're my boy Blue!"

    Not sure about a parts store......maybe a brokerage....or storage...
  4. andre12dbsi

    Pauly's "You're my boy Blue!"

    Looks good Pauly! I agree with the comments about the 5 spoke wheels. Just add the tires to the list of parts on your car that spent time in my garage!
  5. andre12dbsi

    Pauly's "You're my boy Blue!"

    Another job well done Pauly!
  6. andre12dbsi

    HFP Body kit 2012's

    Some of the TLXs that have body kits are having the same issue. Honda needs to get a new batch of tape.
  7. andre12dbsi

    Modded 9th Civics Around the World

    I think you should do that Pauly.
  8. andre12dbsi

    Owner of a Brand New 2015 Civic DBP, need mod advice!

    I would suggest that if you can't spend the amount it would take to get tint done properly to not do it at all. A poor job looks worse than having none at all.
  9. andre12dbsi

    Civic Manual Trans issues?

    Before I traded my Si it had the grinding noise when letting the clutch out in 1st gear. There is at least one other thread about this. It wasn't normal. I traded the car before I had Honda fix it.
  10. andre12dbsi

    What car should I get next?

    Based on my experience with Hondas over the years it's hard to go against the Accord based on those choices. Dependable and lots of room.
  11. andre12dbsi

    Plasti dip emblems

    When I did mine I found that it bubbled if the coat was too thick. Maybe peel it off and start over?
  12. andre12dbsi

    Photos Quebec City Mega Meet

    Awesome picture. Mine doesn't look quite like that. ;).
  13. andre12dbsi

    Photos Quebec City Mega Meet

    Love the Prelude. Thanks for the pics Pauly. Your car is far from ordinary by the way.
  14. andre12dbsi

    Photos Dyno Blue Pearl

    Love the wheels. Great choice.
  15. andre12dbsi

    Andre12dbsi's '13 DBP Si

    Yeah, the Acura dealer covered what I owed on the lease. They sold it in a little over a week.
  16. andre12dbsi

    New brunswickers?

    As Pauly said. Originally from Halifax. Living in Ottawa now. Still miss the east coast.
  17. andre12dbsi

    Wobble Problem Mystery

    What if you put your winters back on for a day to see if the wobble is still there?
  18. andre12dbsi

    Post a new photo you took!

    Thanks Pauly. I finally got the new wheels on.
  19. andre12dbsi

    Pauly's "You're my boy Blue!"

    Nice shot Pauly! Sucks that it's raining but it made for a great picture.