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  1. Nix

    Official 'What did you do to your car today?' Thread

    I found the TCS OFF button. Yeah. It's that hard to see. So, yeah, I did a few sick "burnouts" on the way home tonight. I know I left a cloud of smoke for my coworker behind me in his 5.0 Mustang. I hope he appreciates the e-burn on Monday. hahahaha
  2. Nix

    Local Autocross

    Nice run! I'd say that's pretty frickin' good for a car you're not familiar with. Slayed it. So, what's your take on the Miata? No? Meh? Great? I know you've driven a ton of stuff and drive really well. Your opinion holds quite a bit of weight.
  3. Nix

    bootyluvr's 2015 WRX Limited

    I know it says 13-14 cars but you may want to have a look: Mechanical defect... engine failure... 13-14 WRX... https://jalopnik.com/mechanical-defect-can-cause-engine-failure-in-subaru-wr-1819686196
  4. Nix

    Squiggy and Spidergirl's Annual Halloween Movie Fest!

    Is the "Green Inferno" available? Either the OG or remake? I saw the new one in the theatre.
  5. Nix

    Photos Welcome to the water cooler - Funny Pics Thread LOL

    Shoulda took the E36 man.....
  6. Nix

    Bisimoto duraflex 2012-2013 front bumper / body kit pictures

    Eesh, yea, I think that fitment looks way off. I suspect you'll have some issues getting it on perfectly.
  7. Nix

    stilletto's Thread ..again

    nice plans! I'm trying to decide if I should buy some BLQs or spend my OT check on insurance for all 3 cars and the house for the year up front.......
  8. Nix

    Squiggy and Spidergirl's Annual Halloween Movie Fest!

    I like Freddy vs Jason. They made some stupid CGI choices in it but it's a good horror comedy.
  9. Nix

    Squiggy and Spidergirl's Annual Halloween Movie Fest!

    Thank you for keeping this thread up! I use it to make netfllix browsing a ton easier. We don't have time to watch one every day but man, seeing 1 out of 3 that you say is "decent" makes the task a ton easier. I think you would at least have 31 good ones by now. Or close to it! hahaha ultimate...
  10. Nix

    Local Autocross

    Nice run! 1st is what, about as good as it gets? hahaha, wicked job man. Congrats!
  11. Nix

    After market front bumper cover

    Yeah, the seller can "lie" to you. They can say it looks great, cause they have poor eyesight. You definitely get what you pay for with aftermarket paint jobs. Buy a new OEM bumper for that price and have it painted professionally. You will most likely need to have it paint matched or it will be...
  12. Nix

    Trouble Deciding Wheels

    What's the price difference? or are they pretty close? I'd probably get the TSX wheels. I think they would look good on a white car.
  13. Nix

    8th gen si axle back on R18 Lx 2012 Coupe

    Just bend the tangs a bit to get it lower. Also loosen the spring bolts and stuff a towel between the bumper and the tip. When you tighten the bolts again it should help to hold it in place so it stays aligned where you want it. Once it's tight again you should be able to pull the towel out and...
  14. Nix

    bootyluvr's 2015 WRX Limited

    STRUTH!!!!!!!!!! Yep. You just turned 50. DO IT!!!! Age ain't a numba! It's a feeeeeling! Big K "757" just slayed you. Hard. PS - I feel like your only redemption would be to buy an Avalon and beat his auto-x time with stick tires and "stock" mods.
  15. Nix

    Squiggy and Spidergirl's Annual Halloween Movie Fest!

    How was it? Watchable or utter crap?
  16. Nix

    Ambient Sensor problems

    I think they use thermistors instead of actual thermometers for those sensors. I know they are supposedly accurate but i have no idea on durability.
  17. Nix

    bootyluvr's 2015 WRX Limited

    Does 3 times count for lemon law? Full refund or upgrade to a newer car? Hahahah i bet not but might be worth a shot.
  18. Nix

    Hurricane Harvey took my Civic downstream. Now attempting to revive.

    A new PCV valve is pretty cheap and it might not be a bad thing to replace. Check all your hoses everywhere. I would pull them all off the cooling system and drain/fill the coolant at least once. You can also cycle distilled water through it to help try and get any crud out that may have gotten...