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  1. CollegeHillsHonda

    2018 Black Friday Free Shipping Starts Now!

    You waited all year for our annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday free shipping event. Now is the time. Ready, set, go! Sale Details
  2. CollegeHillsHonda

    Heater Control Knob

    That number is discontinued. You are to use part number 79504-TR0-A11ZB instead.
  3. CollegeHillsHonda

    12 Day Of Xmas 9thcivic 12 Days Of Xmas Dec 12th 2016 Entry Thread

    The winner today gets a big box of goodies!
  4. CollegeHillsHonda

    Si Emblems for 2014 Coupe

    We do offer pick up. Just call ahead first.
  5. CollegeHillsHonda

    New here guys!!!!!

    Give me a call!
  6. CollegeHillsHonda

    12 Day Of Xmas 12 Days Of Xmas 2015 Is Rapidly Approaching

    We hired Tom Dickson to make sure larger parts fit inside these boxes.
  7. CollegeHillsHonda

    Joe's Super Clean R18 Build Thread - March '14 & 15' ROTM Winner

    Almost. The TPMS washer and valve nut are sold separately. Roughly about another $6.
  8. CollegeHillsHonda

    Help Finding Connector for Under-Dash Fuse/Relay Box

    The big bummer here is that Honda has a very limited number of connectors that they sell separately. Those connectors are typically for items like headlight, taillight, marker lights. If you need a connector outside this scope the only real option is to buy a complete harness.
  9. CollegeHillsHonda

    2015 Civic Si - Milwaukee, Wi

    Honda wheels that are designed for TPMS use have a relief area machined into the wheel for the sensor and they are counterbalanced.
  10. CollegeHillsHonda

    2015 Civic Si - Milwaukee, Wi

    To clarify the differences. 08W18-TR0-100 - 2012/2013 Civics and designed for use with in-wheel TPMS. 18x7 08W18-TR0-100B - 2014+ Civic with indirect TPMS, 18x7 08W18-TR0-100A - 2014+ Civic Si with indirect TPMS, 18x7.5
  11. CollegeHillsHonda

    2015 9thCivic Dragon meet

    I just found out I can't do that weekend! :thumbsdown:
  12. CollegeHillsHonda

    2015 9thCivic Dragon meet

    Only problem is we don't carry the Ford line.
  13. CollegeHillsHonda

    2015 9thCivic Dragon meet

    I should probably go this year.