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  1. aldoniousmac

    New '15 SI Build- Long Way to the Top

    I was looking at INJEN"S intake system and they are showing gains of 16 hp. Of course this is the fancy new design that comes with a smart tune map sensor or something. Anyone have experience with this intake or know anything about it.
  2. aldoniousmac

    2015 CIVIC SI New to 9th civic

    I love everything about it so far. Its currently filthy from the little bit of snow we've gotten in NJ, so i'm gonna polish her up tomorrow. As far as mods go i'm thinking CAI and a short shifter to start, but the little bit of research i've done is saying i'm gonna get codes and may need a...
  3. aldoniousmac

    Engine pause when given' er

    I actually noticed this last night in my 15 Si and I did take the traction control off and it seemed to fix my issue. I noticed when getting on it, it was almost like the throttle cut out on me. I turn the TC off and went light to light again and it felt to me that the issue is gone. Glad to...
  4. aldoniousmac

    2015 CIVIC SI New to 9th civic

    I hear that! there is nothing like that new car smell, I upgraded from a 97 civic hatch, so I'm excited with all the bells and whistles not to mention the KA
  5. aldoniousmac

    2015 CIVIC SI New to 9th civic

    What's up guys! Super psyched with my new car and to be on the site! Hope to find out all sorts of tech info and upgrades! thanks in advance.