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  1. isra3l08

    Sold Coupe bumper, HID, Coupe fog lights

    What brand are the HIDs and shipping cost to 28540?
  2. isra3l08

    Engine pause when given' er

    I've encountered the same. Can't remember if the TC was on or not but it has done it when I'm rolling and Not losing traction
  3. isra3l08

    Sold SOLD

  4. isra3l08

    Sold SOLD

    It would be a percentage figure. More hp your engine puts out times more efficient the mounts are
  5. isra3l08

    Sub not hitting

  6. isra3l08

    Sub not hitting

    What amp are you running. Make/model? And what kind of enclosure do you have the sub in
  7. isra3l08

    Paul Walker dead at 40: 'Fast and Furious' star killed in fiery car crash

    Yup his representative confirmed it on twitter
  8. isra3l08

    Black Friday

    Gopro black edition for 250.00 reg. Price 400
  9. isra3l08

    Whats everyones thoughts on smog?

    I will be moving back to cali in a few months
  10. isra3l08

    Whats everyones thoughts on smog?

    So other than injen are there any other carb legal intakes? I wish the greddy or takeda intakes were legal :(
  11. isra3l08

    Sold Skunk2 Megapower RR exhaust / Charlotte

    Sorry the wifey said no
  12. isra3l08

    Sold Skunk2 Megapower RR exhaust / Charlotte

    Why are you trying to get rid of it?