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  1. littleshak

    Photos Welcome to the water cooler - Funny Pics Thread LOL

    At least it was only Johnny Walker red label. It's only like $25.
  2. littleshak

    Official 'What did you do to your car today?' Thread

    This started out as an oil change then turned into a wash, clay bar, and wax on both.
  3. littleshak

    Amazon completed it's first automated drone delivery

    Now Amazon wants to fly their warehouse as well. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/12/29/amazon-flying-warehouse-deploy-delivery-drones-patent.html
  4. littleshak

    Official Computer Talk Thread

    When I built my pc in March I bought a r9 380 4g and haven't had any issues. Granted I'm only using a 1080 60hz monitor and most of the games I have aren't graphics intensive.
  5. littleshak

    Photos Pics Of Your Rides/Cars/Vehicles, As They Sit Now

    Unfortunately it's about time for the snow to start :(
  6. littleshak

    Test Your Internet Speed.

    Yeah it only took a couple minutes. I was at about 175 before i reset it. But no one cares about upload...:hiding:
  7. littleshak

    Test Your Internet Speed.

    Comcast just upgraded my from 150 to 200
  8. littleshak

    Forza Horizon 3

    I just bought it on Friday for my pc and haven't had any problems with it.