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  1. Bulkybear

    Advice on private sale

    Honestly most attorneys have free first consultations. Maybe meet with one and seek advice from that end? They will usually tell you whether they recommend legal action or not.
  2. Bulkybear

    Tesla Model S Driving Itself Out Of A Garage

    From the article I read. All this is “just a baby step in the direction of Summon,” CEO Elon Musk told reporters after the announcement. “Ultimately, you’ll be able to summon your car from anywhere … the car can physically get to you.” Give it two more years, he said, and “you’ll be able to...
  3. Bulkybear

    Tesla Model S Driving Itself Out Of A Garage

    From what I've read tesla says the summon feature is going to work across long distances. Perhaps even states away. The car will come to you. My first thought is if you wanted to drink and had to get a ride home. The next morning you could just summon your car home instead of having to go get...
  4. Bulkybear

    Blown strut?

    Could be a lot of things. Broken spring, broken spring perch. Top hat. Bent control arms. Bent hub assembly. Broken wheel bearing. Best thing to do is take the wheel off and inspect. If your not the diy type I'd take it to a shop.
  5. Bulkybear

    Connecting a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to a 2015 Civic SI

    I have a note 5 as well. It pairs and works fine. Just no meta data
  6. Bulkybear

    Connecting a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to a 2015 Civic SI

    Should be fairly straight forward, turn on Bluetooth. Select to add a phone on your radio and follow the prompts. Meta data doesn't work from the Note 5 although you can still stream music by turning your audio source to Bluetooth (BT). USB won't work with android at all though. And even though...
  7. Bulkybear

    Issue after LED foglight install

    It looks like you left your lights set to on instead of auto. They still shut off when you close your door with the engine off. My auto lights don't come until the car is started. Yours came in when you unlocked the car. And that's common for led lights to do that when starting. All lights do...
  8. Bulkybear

    Skunk2 CAI falling apart on 2013 SI

    Unfortunately this seems to be the case for most aftermarket parts for our cars :(
  9. Bulkybear

    Built K24

    Reason being is because there are no cams out for this k24. The only thing an all motor will get you is a slight power bump. Forced induction gives you more power for less money.
  10. Bulkybear

    What type of gas do you use?

    Do all cars have this charcoal canister? And is it a maintenance item? Can't say I've ever heard of this nor have I ever really dug into evap systems tbh.
  11. Bulkybear

    Auto trans stuck gear intermittently

    Sounds like your transmission is slipping. Only way to know why is to have a mechanic tear it apart
  12. Bulkybear

    What do you think about this?

    I had a company issued 2013 jeep patriot for a little while with a cvt and I've test driven a 2014 civic ex with the cvt. They both acted the same.
  13. Bulkybear

    What do you think about this?

    I can agree with some of this except for the cvt thing. I used to own a cvt and despite not having to shift the are extremely slow to get started and they add a lot to the drive train loss even compared to a normal automatic transmission. That and our k24 has much more torque at all ranges than...
  14. Bulkybear

    What do you think about this?

    I think this is BS. No way 175 HP at the crank is going to make 165 HP at the wheels through a cvt. Add to that motor trend got 14.5 quarter mile out of the 9th Gen Si. Either temple of vtec is fanboying over the new civic or they put in the data wrong on the vbox. Either way it's been apparent...
  15. Bulkybear

    Prb mani

    Well it depends. All K24Z7 engines do work the same. There are other factors besides the bolt ons. Tires, technique, etc. But if you are talking drag racing then sure. The rbc will help a little because your staying in the top of the rev range. You end up losing a lot of midrange though. So for...
  16. Bulkybear

    Changing springs

    That picture is the best example I can give. The spring on the bottom isolator sits mostly flat. The reason I mounted it on the side I did was because that's how it was sitting straight. Mounting it the other way was causing it to sit at an angle when compared to the strut
  17. Bulkybear

    Prb mani

    Seriously read that blog post. Switching to the rbc manifold you lose a lot of bottom and mid range power and gain a negligible amount near redline. When looking at the whole picture the stock manifold performs better. Same pattern with bigger throttle bodies. Also, revving your motor past 7200...
  18. Bulkybear

    Changing springs

    Yeah I'm sure it's to keep the spring from walking around. I just didn't know if the orientation changed anything in the way it works.
  19. Bulkybear

    Changing springs

    Found a perfect picture to describe what I'm seeing here. The red circle is the squarish part of the isolator and there is a little nipple that sticks down. The yellow circles are the 2 holes it can sit in. A cutout on one side that fits the square and an indentation on the other side that fits...