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  1. JakeDBP

    Sold 16" EX Wheels/Tires/TPMS- Winter Si Set $500

    Sold, please close thread!
  2. JakeDBP

    Sold 16" EX Wheels/Tires/TPMS- Winter Si Set $500

    Bump $500! Must go!!
  3. JakeDBP

    Sold 16" EX Wheels/Tires/TPMS- Winter Si Set $500

    Reduced to $600!
  4. JakeDBP

    Sold 16" EX Wheels/Tires/TPMS- Winter Si Set $500

    Oops! Updated.
  5. JakeDBP

    Sold 16" EX Wheels/Tires/TPMS- Winter Si Set $500

    For sale are my wheels/tire set for a 2013 Si- will fit many Civics! Moving to FL so I will not need snows anymore. 16" Honda Civic wheels off a 2012 Civic EX, currently on as a winter set on a 2013 Civic Si. TPMS sensors included. All wheels are currently plastidipped black with a gunmetal...
  6. JakeDBP

    ABS/VSA/power steering??

    Bump. Just curious what the fixes were here. Bone stock 2013 Si with just over 50k. I had multiple instances of the ABS/VSC/Steering warning light that came on and off a few times. Honda said it was a wheel sensor and just reset the codes and charged me $110. In January I had a "Check Airbag...
  7. JakeDBP

    Photos Crystal Black Pearl

    75 and sunny today, rain and snow tomorrow. At least she's looking shiny with the winters on for the day :)
  8. JakeDBP

    Photos Crystal Black Pearl

    Love to see more HFP R7s on 9thGens!! Beautiful :)
  9. JakeDBP

    Clutch Noise

    Just took my car to the dealer for a workup on my clutch noises at the take-up point that are getting worse w/ cold weather and occurs after not driving for long periods of time. They said nothing could be reproduced.... what are the next steps I can take, because I know this is definitely an...
  10. JakeDBP

    2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Spotted

    I went to Bianchi today and checked out a white EX hatch- the wheels are sharp and I really like the new hatch. The cargo room is actually way bigger than expected and I could see myself upgrading to a turbo hatch instead of a new Si... Not a huge fan of the two-tone tan cloth interior and...
  11. JakeDBP

    Lets discuss winter tires/wheels for your Civic!

    FYI for everyone looking for winter tires... Just got 205/55/16 General Altimax Arctics at TireRack with a $50 General rebate, and a $50 TireRack Mastercard (and $50 in the spring too). So 4 tires for $323 from TireRack. Thanks @Rudy@tirerack!
  12. JakeDBP

    Dash cams

    I got a rearview mirror dash cam and love it! I caught some pretty funny/horrible drivers so far and it was nice to show how beast my Civic is in Lake Effect Snow. XF-Times makes it but I can't seem to find it anymore on Amazon- definitely nice to have it hidden in the mirror and be able to run...
  13. JakeDBP

    DIY 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid mirrors on a non Hybrid Civic (4dr only)

    Alright so dumb question since I know nothing about wiring of cars but what's the exact reason we couldn't just install the stock heated Hybrid mirrors and use the OEM plug to just plug them in for power? Does the harness in the Si not have the necessary connections to just plug and play so that...
  14. JakeDBP

    Cold Start "Scraping/Rattle" Noise Grinding Cold Start - VTC Actuator Merged Threads

    Hi all, just checking in on the VTC Actuator thread... my 2013 Si has been making the grind on cold starts after sitting for a few hours and I'm interested to see if Honda has made a fix yet? Can't find a TSB for the Civic.
  15. JakeDBP

    Kansas City Civic Crash

    http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article59588791.html Here's an amazing story about a woman's life being saved by a heroic Trooper and the crash-safety of her 2015 Civic.
  16. JakeDBP

    Photos Snow pics