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  1. Stealth

    Want To Buy OEM Parts for 2012 Si Sedan

    Hit me up on pm and let's discuss. Thanks!
  2. Stealth

    Want To Buy OEM Parts for 2012 Si Sedan

    don't know yet. I know I need the OEM parts if I decided to trade in the car either now or in the future. If I do move forward and find someone local to buy the car then I would probably end up getting a 2015 F150 supercrew FX4. Larger to haul family around and more than enough power to do...
  3. Stealth

    Stealth's 2012 Si Sedan Build

    Update: Notice car was misfiring in my final datalog pulls and purchased new plugs (not yet installed). Also working with Humble performance on receiving the first bolt on megaphone setup which yielded +4 whp/+4 tq on their test car. Last but not least, working on purchasing all storage tanks...
  4. Stealth

    Want To Buy OEM Parts for 2012 Si Sedan

    tossing around the idea. either that or sell it outright to someone who wants a completely finished 230whp civic. customer would have to probably be in florida though unless they wanted to make a trip.
  5. Stealth

    Want To Buy OEM Parts for 2012 Si Sedan

    Here's what i'm looking for. Please pm me with what you have and what you'll let it go for (shipped to 32092). I have a 2012 si sedan, parts need to be compatible. OEM Downpipe OEM Exhaust OEM Intake OEM Throttle Body OEM injectors OEM intake manifold OEM battery tray
  6. Stealth

    Stealth's 2012 Si Sedan Build

    I switched to Iketh for several reasons. 1) he's extremely reputable in the Florida civic community for great tunes, good reliable power and excellent customer service. 2) When e-tuning with him, i don't have to pay for a priority tune, and still get new cals within 1-2 hours of submission of...
  7. Stealth

    Stealth's 2012 Si Sedan Build

    After we uncovered that my original dyno was skewed due to smaller diameter tires, the new figures averages around 222 whp/191 tq. That was with an RBC with only ported runners and tb inlet. With full bolt ons (non-rbc) i was 214 whp/ 191 tq. Now with fully ported rbc/coolant bypass setup...
  8. Stealth

    Stealth's 2012 Si Sedan Build

    wow, i can't believe it's been this long since i've posted an update on the car. Since my last post, I've swapped out my rbc for a fully ported unit (cut plenum, tb inlet, runners), coolant bypass (water jacket cut off). Retuned by Iketh. Wilwood big brake kit (28.6 lbs unsprung weight loss)...
  9. Stealth

    12 Day Of Xmas 12 Days Of Xmas Dec 12th 2015 Winner

    thanks all! It took 3 years of submitting, but FINALLY!
  10. Stealth

    12 Day Of Xmas 12 Days Of Xmas Dec 10th 2015 Entry Thread

    why not. let's give it another try
  11. Stealth

    231whp Mustang Dyno - All Motor

    i know somebody with very close numbers up here in st augustine. just saying...
  12. Stealth

    Sold (PRL) ZDX TB Adapter for OEM manifold

    bump for lower price!