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  1. Delro

    tire sidewall rip. replace or repair

    thanks guys. Will replace it this afternoon. Its fairly new, just around 7,000miles, so Im hoping changing 1 tire is ok.
  2. Delro

    tire sidewall rip. replace or repair

    Seems like a small tear. But just wanted to get your thoughts on repair or replace. piece that came off
  3. Delro

    Photos -- Official Honda Civic Shift Knob Pics Thread --

    anyone here with a Fd2 Type R shift knob?
  4. Delro

    Photos -- Official Honda Civic Shift Knob Pics Thread --

    It feels too light for me. I think i'll get a 180 grams shift knob. Either WC Lathewerks or spend on a mugen.
  5. Delro

    What do you like/dislike about your car?

    2014 Si sedan CBP dislikes: rims, wing, missing the power from my old wrx likes: interior, sound system, clutch and gear box, interior space, vtec sound, stock exhaust.
  6. Delro

    Hi everyone! I'm sleepingpanda!!! (part 2) lol

    definitely one of the nicest builds out there. Whatever you're in, I want in on it to!!
  7. Delro

    2013 Si spoiler on 2012 Si

    there's a guy on the other 9th civic forum that's done it. dunno if he's here as well. it fits, but not a direct fit from what i've read. I was wondering to if it works both ways, 2012 wing on 2013/2014.
  8. Delro

    Engine pause when given' er

    Felt it in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I thought I wasnt't stepping on the gas as much. Its like a split second pause.
  9. Delro

    from 13mpg Wrx to 30mpg Si

    What was the tiny screw for? I installed the knob but didnt see the need or use for the small screw.
  10. Delro

    from 13mpg Wrx to 30mpg Si

    Which intake was it? Was thinking of getting either the greddy momentum/takeda or the password jdm intake kit.
  11. Delro

    from 13mpg Wrx to 30mpg Si

    First mod
  12. Delro

    from 13mpg Wrx to 30mpg Si

    No, mostly stock engine. just intake and exhaust. Mild drop. Yes sirs, I miss that Torque!! Vtec sounds awsome though. Getting an intake soon to bring out that sound.
  13. Delro

    from 13mpg Wrx to 30mpg Si

  14. Delro

    from 13mpg Wrx to 30mpg Si

    With my heavy foot I was getting 13mpg city on my Wrx. And with the wifes pilot getting just 18mpg on highway, we thought it was time to get a more fuel efficient, but still fun, car. The si fit the bill, and with 0% apr i pulled the trigger and got the SI. The old scoob... Trading her...
  15. Delro

    Pauly's "You're my boy Blue!"

    Nice OEM look has always been my goal when modding cars. If you ever lose your mind and decide to sell those rims, let me know. I've been looking for it and I only saw a beat up set on ebay. Even ICB said they don't carry them new anymore and just get them used once in a wile.
  16. Delro

    FD2 Type R wheels +60

    anyone have these on their Fb6? I don't i've ever tried a higher offset than oem before. Will these hit the calipers?
  17. Delro

    Pauly's "You're my boy Blue!"

    Man this build is so nice, simple and clean.. those ep3 Type R/CSX rims really fit well on this body. even un-lowered it looked nice.
  18. Delro

    Photos Crystal Black Pearl

    gotta change these rims..
  19. Delro

    Any 2014 Si owners out there yet?

    traded in my 07 WRX for an SI sedan. slower but better mpg, and a lot roomier in the back for the car seat hating the rims tho. looking around for 2012 si rims