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  1. Mikeorock

    Doing a clutch job

    Anyone have any advice on doing a clutch job??? It will be my first time doing one and I'll be doing it in a drive way on stands. I've been reading up on it. It doesn't seem too bad... I've been having a rattling noise in my clutch. I think it was the throw out bearing... The other day I took...
  2. Mikeorock

    Want To Buy Wtb: bronze hfp r7 (8th gen) rims

    Anyone have these rims for sale???? I want 18's but will consider 17's..
  3. Mikeorock

    Anyone ever do trans work??? Please help

    Ok so i was driving and down shifted into 4th and i heard something chattering.. I hear it when im coasting if im in gear or not or even in nuetral. The car still drives, shifts and feels fine.. I lifted the front end up and i hear it when i spin either wheel.. The sound is definetly coming...
  4. Mikeorock

    Cr kiwamis 18 by 8.5 38 offset

    I think im about to buy these rims.. 1800 plus shipping and handling.. Bronze on black!!! I love the color bronze for these rims..What do you guys think??? Is this size gonna be good enough performance wize??? Probably wont have to do a tire stretch and i hope theyre light enough.. Im dropped...
  5. Mikeorock

    Want To Buy 18" 8.0-9.0?? rims

    Looking for a concave rim in these sizes with out having to do fender work (if possible). Maybe 30-45 offset?? Dropped about an 1 1/2. Civic si coupe. I really like the cr kwamis in bronze. But feel free to show me something maybe it will work for me..y
  6. Mikeorock

    small mods for my maxed out turbo??

    Spring is here!!!! Time to get crazy.... my prl stage 2 turbo is basically pushing my stock motor to its limits.. but i still have the bug!!! What else should i do to get it even better as far as engine performance??? I have the hasport rear motor mount, 4 bar map sensor, boost controller...
  7. Mikeorock

    Possible cc clutch noise??

    Okay so i got a prl stage 2 turbo kit with stage 4 cc clutch unsprung... I couldnt install the clutch myself so i had a shop do it for me. It was installed about a year ago and i heard this sound since. When i am around 4500 rpms and still in gear i hear a rattling sound. When i press down on...
  8. Mikeorock

    Sold '12 si coupe-skunk 2 down pipe..Injen cai (sold) and invidia q300(sold)

    --**** INJEN CAI SOLD*** Injen cai- ($100)- less then a year of use.. About 3,000 miles on it.. Good condition.. Just has little micro scratches in it but finish looks good.. Has all parts except for injen clamps.. I have replaced with 2 clamps shown in picture.. I will also send with original...
  9. Mikeorock

    Turbo maintenance and protection

    Ok.. I have a couple of concerns 1---what is the best oil to use when you have a turbo?? Some people say synthetic is no good others say it is good.. And should you stick with the factory oil?? Mine is suppose to be ow-20.. I used 5w-20 synthetic..I dont think its a big deal.. 2--- i live in ny...
  10. Mikeorock

    Engine knock

    Im getting a little worried here.. I have the prl turbo kit .. Got the car tuned and im trying to get familiar with flash pro.. I see alot of knocks.. Im pushing 450 hp.. What do you guys think?? Im thinking of using vit again because my tuner lives kind of far and isnt really cooperating with...
  11. Mikeorock

    Stalling when hot

    Installed prl turbo kit.. Got the car tuned.. Drove in the rain one night.. Next day i took a long drive and it stalled.. Rpms just dip.. Started up the next day and no problems..seems to only stall when its hot.. If i let it cool down its good.. Please help!!!!!!!!
  12. Mikeorock

    Rpm's dipping

    Whats up guys.. I put a turbo kit in about a month ago.. I was driving in a huge downpour the other night and the next day i noticed the rpms dont hold steady sometimes.. Like when i let go of the gas they will go up a little and down.. I took a long ride Then it wouldnt hold at all.. It would...