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  1. wing

    Turbotax Customer service fail

    Sorry webby - its not worth it for me to pay someone to do it - I am an accountant - $14 should be what it costs to do a return. Plus mine's very simple. I'm going to try again next week with the phone, otherwise I will call the CC and go with the other tax software. Just really stupid...
  2. wing

    Turbotax Customer service fail

    This is more of a rant than anything else.. I am trying to use turbotax this year. They are so terrible this year. I am apoplexy-ily outraged. Holy crap are they bad!!! So I am a 2010 user, great. Today I get a discount coupon - 30% off - great sign up. Get a code Go to register -...
  3. wing

    Acura ILX Concept Unveiling Detroit Auto Show

    Sounds like a CSX type for you American folks. Probably us too. They were supposed to stop producing the csx in 08 or 09
  4. wing

    Gardens of Time beats Cityville in Facebook games list

    Agree with webster - Farmville has to be top 10 - get tons of useless posts telling me ppl are sharing their spam with me from that game!
  5. wing

    Ads Coming to the Newsfeed in 2012

    I've never bought some **** that was advertised on a webpage and NEVER will... Don't they get that? Even if its the most relevant thing in the world to me at the best price. You could be offering free happy endings - some do - still won't click or buy.
  6. wing

    Picked up my new car yesterday! Pics to follow.

    nice whip enjoy!
  7. wing

    U.S. Army Tests Secret Hypersonic Weapon That Travels More Than 5x Speed Of Sound

    from italy - 30 min or its free * * with a fuel surcharge of $100,000 added to every pizza
  8. wing

    Honda Civic Type R is back

    UK/Euro only?
  9. wing

    Twisted's Work

    VG! I really need my car cleaned. It's been 2 years. I used to do it a lot but I've sucked.
  10. wing

    2012 Production CR-V Images Leaked

    Those blacked out images are fuggly. My sister just bought a CRV - must have been the '11?
  11. wing Visits Honda Heaven

    I feel like we walked into a 'cult' meet of civic owners who all already drank the koolaid
  12. wing

    Christian wants atheist registry

    Can we get a registry on ppl with fridge magnets? Especially ones without paper beneath them... that's just creepy - you know some sort of "list" is going to go there, could be terror, could be some other type of victim how do we know? we don't but they have fridge magnets... *shutter*
  13. wing

    2012 Acura TSX Special Edition Announced

    Looks the same... I had such hope for this gen TSX... so very disappointed
  14. wing

    We're having another contest!

    contests! :iorun:
  15. wing

    Honda celebrates 39 years of Civic heritage

    Pretty cool video selling the human aspect has been the one thing I haven't seen Honda do in its ads until this one.
  16. wing

    greatest wedding proposal?

    thx :) the plan is for next june
  17. wing

    Think you can hide in a crowd? Guess again citizen (use the slide control on the left)

    i think you found the mastermind as he stepped into his invisibility cloak there...