DIY 2012+ SI Deatschwerks fuel pump install

Nice write up, but this DIY uses the OEM fuel filter. The DW65C comes with its own fuel filter, but it cannot just be placed on the plastic that has the OEM fuel filter on it. I would like to use the fuel filter provided by the DW, but that means that the plastic on the bottom that holds the pump in place will not be there. Can anyone tell me what to do. I was Thinking of just using the oem Fuel Filter that's already attached to the plastic that goes on the bottom of the DW fuel pump. Honestly, I want to use their Fuel Filter. So If I use their fuel filter, and not used the plastic fitting on the bottom of the fuel pump, will this be a problem? Is it going to make the fuel pump move around since it would not be clipped on the bottom of the pump if I used the provided fuel filter.

I am installing a KW supercharger so this is one of the things that I also need to replace along with the 1000cc Injectors provided with the KW SC kit.

Can someone please answer my questions regarding the fuel filter?" I want to used a brand new fuel filter provided with the dW65c fuel pump, but it seems impossible because you cant attach it to the plastic bracket what is located on the bottom. I am confused as to why DW would even send a fuel filter that doesn't have the plastic bracket that has to be attached to do bottom of the pump. Very strange. I haven't tried to contact the DW company yet, I was hoping someone here would have an answer but now but it looks like people are just using the old OEM fuel filter since its attached/glued to the bottom plastic bracket.

Webby, any thoughts on this?
I'd call PRL motorsports & ask for their input. They did this DIY.
I'd call PRL motorsports & ask for their input. They did this DIY.
Will do, for now I guess I will be using the OEM fuel Filter with the plastic fitting to avoid problem. I will call DW tomorrow and try to figure this out. Why do they send a new fuel filter that doesnt fit on that plastic holder is beyond my belief. I will get it resolved, and will let you guys know what they say.
just used this write-up to install my pump. Very good write-up. I will note that my instructions from DW said to use the OEM spacer and 2 o-rings provided with the pump as seen here


i reused the stock filter. you can use the DW filter but have to modify the plastic piece on the bottom of the pump.

DW's instructions can be founds here Pump Install Instructions with Pictures.pdf


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Ha, I was in the same situation with replacing fuel sock(It was the only issue)...No No No...Now it's Yes Yes yes...I can also easliy replace the fuel sock in the future.
I Wanted it mounted with the same retention's but was limited to:
1 Mount sock to fuel pump was tight and sweet! Natural fit No Mod.
2. Female hole in fuel sock does not need retention spline(I aligned it with female hole on top of three prong end cap so male fuel pump part locks it in place)
3 Fuel sock retention wing slots are cut into side of three prong end cap so when assembled the wings are retained and locked in place. Yippie Skippie...
I used a Dremel with a stone to do fine grinds and diamond tipped cutting blade(Extra thin blades) to make the cuts. Look at the top of the fuel pump end cap and note how clean and small the center tit is now... When you do it watch the clearance between it and the fuel sock.
Take your time to cut the slots and align it with the center hole. This is whaere you will spend most of your time. I did not modify the fuel sock in any way. Everything went back together smoothly with no issues.


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