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9th Gen Civic Si Fully Built High Compression k24z7 Head Power?

Hey, I have a 2013 Honda Civic Si Sedan and I’m full bolt ons making 220wheel HP and 187tq and I’m getting my RBC ported and I’m about to have a fully build 4PistonRacing k24 short block 88mm bore 12.5:1 and ported Rsx type s oil pump and I have my head in the shop getting skunk2 valve springs installed along with a 7angle valve job and a full head port and polish and i plan on revving it out to 8500rpm and I was wondering does anyone here know the possible or estimated power output after doing all this work? I’m going to be doing a 93 tune and a E85 Tune
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Yeah the goal is to do things nobody else has done in here ever before! Cause as far as I know nobody else has done what I’m doing N/A
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My Mods are:

4PistonRacing K24 88MM Bore Short Block

Wiesco 88MM 12.5:1 Forged Pistons

Saenz S-Series Forged Rods

RSX-Type S Ported Oil Pump

ARP Head Studs

Cometic Head Gasket

K-tuned Timing Chain Tensioner

K24z7 Full Port and Polished Head

PRL Cold Air Intake

SiriMoto Throttle Body Spacer

RBC Ported Intake Manifold

K-Tuned Coolant Block Off Plate

Throttle Body Coolant Bypass

Invidia N1 Full Cat-Back Exhaust

Skunk 2 Alpha Series Header

Koyo Racing Radiator

Mishimoto Racing Thermostat

Hasport Transmission Mount 95A

Hasport Rear Torque Mount Solid

Hasport Upper Torque Mount 95A

NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plugs

DeatschWerks 750cc Injectors

Hondata Flashpro

Hondata Intake Manifold Thermal Gasket

Sirimoto Throttle Body Thermal Gasket

DeatschWerks DW65C Fuel Pump

BC Racing-Spec Short Throw Shifter

SiriMoto Shifter Base Bushing

Fully Built Transmission

MFactory LSD W/Stage 1 RacePack Upgrade

Action Clutch Stage 2.5 w/Ultra Light Flywheel

K-Tuned Clutch Master Cylinder

K-Tuned Clutch Slave Cylinder

K-Tuned Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line


SiriMoto Phase 2 Upper Front Strut Bar

SiriMoto Phase 2 Lower Front Tie Bar

SiriMoto Phase 2 Lower Rear Tie Bar

Megan Racing Street Advanced Coilovers

Eibach 24MM Front Sway Bar

Eibach 19MM Rear Sway Bar

Godspeed Rear Camber Kit

300MM Drilled/Slotted Rotors

Federal 595RS-RR 215/45 Rear

Federal 595RS-RR 235/40 Front

ESR SR01 Black Chrome Wheels

Mugen Carbon Fiber Wing

Pro Design Alpha Style Front Lip

Pro Design Roof Spoiler

Pro Design Sunroof Visor

JDM Red Honda Badges

Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood

SpecDTuning LED Dual Halo Headlights

Tinted License Plate Cover and Frame

Tinted Rear Tail Lights
I know some that have 85a complained about vibrations, so that's why I asked
Yeah I was reading before I got them and everyone says it was awful but I have 95a and my rear torque mount doesn’t have a bushing it’s literally metal on metal and you can only really feel a good vibration when you turn the A/C on other than that it’s not bad at all
At the drag strip I couldn’t find a way to eliminate wheel hop and it was so bad I broke my stock mounts so bad the engine was touching the firewall and an axle snapped. I tried solid mounts and traction bar and it didn’t work my next mod is gonna be solid control arm bushings in the front and pray it will nearly eliminate it or get rid of it all together


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