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9thCivic NorthEast Crew!!! =)


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List updated- Some of the numbers were already taken, just gave the next lowest number, if you would like a different one please request... Also those who are are thinking they will be joining us for meets in the Lowell/Eastern MA area please post your username and sayso so i can mark your name, just wanna get an idea of how many people we can get out there!


1. Own a 9th generation civic
2. Live in the NorthEast
3. Buy a decal! And rock it!
5. Post 1 pic of your ride
6. Help your fellow members!
7. And Survive 12/21/12 :P

NorthEast States: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island , Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio

All 2012 and 2013 Honda Civics are welcome. This includes coupes, sedans, Si's, r18's, Hybrids, Gas, and whatever else they come out with.

If you want to join post your Name, City, State, what you drive with a picture and desired member number from 1-100.

Link for Crew decal:
GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!...

001. CivicMx - Waltham, MA
002. Canni- Westborough,MA (fd)
003. Dcboardr41- Allentown, PA (fd)
004. Skrub- Philadelphia, PA (fd)
005. Freddi- Brooklyn, NY (fd)
006. SleepingPanda- Somewhere,MA(fd)
007. K24power07- Central, NJ(fd)
008. Soozzeeq- Syracuse, NY(fd)
009. Scione- Colombus, OH (fd)
010. NeoKaido- Boston,MA(fd)
011. SheaMichael20- Salem, MA (fd)
012. MoodyBlue978- Lowell, MA
013. Twitch- Bethpage, NY(fd)
014. Dpzlilfrank14- LongIsland, NY(fd)
015. Bartjo06- Bangor, ME
016. Bim6180- Brookfield, Ct
017. FB2Chris- Manchester, NH
018. OpenVtech- Everette, MA
019. NicenLow- Bronx, NY
020. Murf1179- Freetown, MA
021. CiviChyk918-totowa NJ
022. Mr.Wreckless- Toms River, NJ
023. Jdmdabiznez- New Jersey
024. Farage- Brooklyn, NY
025. Jbrennerjr- Philly, PA
026. ReefSurfer626- Amherst, MA
027. Bkimbie- Westminster, MD
028. Mtaddi - Boston, MA
029. Honduh1424- Longisland, NY
030. Brooksie365- Worcester, MA
031. Josepi22- Rochester, NY
032. MarcosMK5- Hamilton, NJ
033. BradenSullivan- Cincinnatti, OH
034. BtownSi - Bedford, MA
035. SparcAsphalt- Boston, Ma
036. Eightpointsix- Berlin, Ct
046. Crzysnake137- Pasadena, MD(fd)

050.Sparksfly- Millville, NJ
055. Sivilized- Seaford, NY
063. Bfree- Norfolk, VA
069. Tortoise- Northfield, NJ
072. Twotonejeff- Taunton, MA
073. Sunrooftech- Avon, MA(fd)
078. Cubert- Southern, NH
086. Moley - Cooperstown, NY(fd)

090. nat3d - Adams, MA

091. TheSlowandTheSerious- Passaic, NJ
099. Honda_Family - Herdon, VA
100. All_Black_Si- Laurel, MD
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O mannn i dont think i can edit the possttt... thattss extremelyy not funnnn?!?!?!


Wait, I don't drive a civic anymore....
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Adams MA
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Ford Focus ST
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did you shift me over? wanna say i had 90


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This thread may need restarted... seeing as how this is trying to be run on 2 sites? The OP hasn't been on here in like 2 weeks to update the requests here. I've put some into place, but some are taken - flippercon. It's going to be a nightmare trying to take requests off two lists.

I think a "9thcivic NE Crew" thread needs started with fresh numbers. The person who starts the thread needs to be active here to handle requests and update the list. Just my opinion. If someone would like to do it - you can start a new thread.