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9thcivic Tail of the Dragon Part II: Official Information and Attendee Thread


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* Sept 11 - 15th - Itinerary here

After much waiting, I'm glad to post the information for this year's meet. I'm safe to say that last year's meet, even though it Webby and Cookstar did not attend, turned out to be one of the better ones. We were able to bond as a group and it did not feel as "clique-ish" as years past. This meet is pretty much a continuation of the meet held back in the 8thcivic years, it's not specific to 9th generation Honda Civics at all. The vast majority of vehicles that will be there are not Honda Civics at all, any vehicle is welcome as this is mostly a meet for old and new friends that share common automotive enthusiasm. Past meets have grown to tremendous size and often had a huge list of things to do on the itinerary that took away from the true fun and social aspect of it.

For the uninformed, the meet centers around driving the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee / North Carolina. It's a windy U.S. highway centered in the smoky mountains and features 318 turns in 11 miles. More information is here http://www.tailofthedragon.com/ since I can't type about this all day. Other roads in the area such as Route 28, and the Cherohala Skyway down by the nearest town, Robbinsville NC. There will be many opportunities to drive the roads in the area as well as several in northern Georgia.

Last year I feel as if I didn't do a really great job with the itinerary, some things we didn't end up doing and we didn't decide on a photo spot until the very last minute. Some people from the group got separated at Fontana and I feel as if I didn't communicate things well on the list. This year I will be much more mindful of that and try to organize everyone much better. The size of Fontana comes into play as well, many of us are spread out at the cabins or at distant parts of the lodge, there is also little to no cell phone service either.

Keep in mind that these roads are not a racetrack. Some of us drive spiritedly, but squealing your tires or going through every turn sideways is not what this is about. I will admit I'm probably the most guilty of the bunch when it comes to driving aggressively, so I really feel like I should tone it down this year to set a good example for many of our prospective new attendees. Some are far more experienced at driving and/or driving in this area as we have been to many meets here. We all stop and meet after some spirited driving, so you don't have to keep up as if your life depends on it, we're not competing for any driving trophies. If this is your first time, take it easy, or even ride along with a more experiened driver to get acclimated to the road first, especially if you're from a large city or rural area where the roads are mainly straight. The meet is really about good friends and having fun in your car in order to forget about real life for a while. Wrecking your car / injuring someone will only make "real life" come back much sooner, and it will be much worse than walking back into work on Monday.

The area is pretty much in the middle of no-where and the closest town, Robbinsville, is around 30 miles away. There are gas stations and a grocery store there to refuel yourself and your car. We can plan some trips down there since U.S.129 has some nice long sweeping curves going down to Robbinsville.

We're staying at Fontana Village again this year, http://www.fontanavillage.com . It's a nice open resort style hotel with cabins or lodge rooms. The only thing is that the resort is large so it's easy to get lost or be situated apart from everyone if you're in a different cabin. Lodge rooms are available at the discounted rate of $79 / night until July 12th. There is a meeting area outside the Wildwood Grill that we meet at before any drive or exhaust shoot.

Here is the google maps coordinates of Fontana Village:

https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Robbinsville, NC&hl=en&sll=35.436477,-83.823152&sspn=0.029126,0.038581&oq=robbins&t=h&hnear=Robbinsville, Graham, North Carolina&z=15

Tail of the Dragon:

Cherohala Skyway:

Registration will be $25 per person this year, the major change being that we will not have a catered dinner at Fontana this year. I and some others will do the cooking at the cabins. I feel that it will be more fun that way and give us more of an opportunity to bond as a group. I will be coming up with menu items as the year progresses, and if you have anything you can contribute to the menu, or if you want to cook as well, please post up and let me know! I plan on having a breakfast either Thursday or Friday, and the dinner on Saturday night.

As far as the official itinerary is concerned, I will post a tentative one soon, some things are not finalized so I will post just the basic obvious stuff to give people an idea of what we'll be doing.

I am accepting paypal registrations from this moment on. Please PM me for my paypal address as it's not related to my screen name at all. If you want to contribute to the cooking, that would be a good time to let me know as well. Also let me know where you're from and what you'll be driving to the meet, hopefully we'll get at least one 9th Civic this year!

Attendees: (vehicle in parentheses)

1. death_roll, Pike Creek DE, (03 Guido35) - Confirmed, Wednesday early evening
2. jrotax101, Holly Springs GA, (TBD) - Confirmed, Friday morning
3. MrsJrotax101, Holly Springs GA, (TBD) - Confirmed, Friday morning
4. sonej4, Griffin GA, (BMW E30) - Tenative
5. KennyGS, PA, (2010 Corvette Grandsport) - Confirmed, Wednesday early evening
6. Nix, parts unknown, (08 Civic LX) - Confirmed, Wednesday by 8
7. Nix's guest - Possible for Saturday
8. Flippercon, Va Beach Va, (9gen Si coupe)
9. Flippercon's guest

10. 07TLX, Exton PA, (07 Civic LX) - Confirmed, Wednesday early evening
11. Yo.SeungHyun, Sandy Springs GA, (MK6 GTI)
12. Tony An, Stallings NC, (07 Civic Si coupe) - Confirmed, time unknown due to smartassery
13. EX-L, O'Fallon IL, (9th gen Civic EX-L sedan)
14. EX-L's guest

15. Greg Porter, Raleigh NC, (10 Civic Si sedan [Much superior to the '09]) - Confirmed, Friday
16. omg_racing, Durham NC, (9th gen Civic coupe)
17. Mikey6p, Santa Ana CA, (TBD rental car)
18. Bootyluvr, Middle River MD (07 WRX Limited) - Confirmed, Wednesday late evening
19. Squiggy, North-Central Indiana (12 Civic Si coupe) - Confirmed, Thursday 4ish
20. Squiggy's wife - Confirmed, Thursday 4ish
21. dentrecords, The Great White North (2011 Adventure Motorized Bicycle)
22. dentrecords' wifey. The Great White North (2012 Adventure Motorized Bicycle)
23. ATL_SI, Atlanta GA, (09 Civic Si Sedan) - Confirmed, Friday afternoon
24. ATL_Si's guest - Confirmed, Friday afternoon
25. Mamarazzi, Flowery Branch GA (97 A4 "Sancho") - Confirmed, Thursday around noon
26. ETF, Flowery Branch GA (00 Volvo S70 "Missamo") - Confirmed, Thursday around noon
27. Mattsbobo, Greensboro NC (07 Si sedan)
28. Cookstar, China Grove NC (06 Si coupe)
29. Cookstar's Fiancé
30. kasper04, Clarksville IN (06 Mazdaspeed 6)
31. Bruce Bartlow, Sacramento CA (9th gen Civic Si coupe) - Confirmed, Tuesday Evening
32. K04GTI, TN (MK6 GTI) - Confirmed, Thursday by dinner (hopefully)
33. SpeedySal (Coventry RI), 8th gen Si Sedan - Confirmed, Tuesday late evening
34. SpeedySal's guest (dad) - Confirmed, Tuesday late evening
35. Customade93 (Coventry, RI) 2013 Si Sedan - Confirmed, Tuesday late evening
36. Jigsaw94 (Coventry, RI) - Confirmed, Tuesday late evening
37. Sbigshot (Lake Charles, LA) 8th gen Si Sedan
38. hey_mikey (Concord, NC) Accord sport sedan - Confirmed, Friday afternoon/evening
39. Nomar06 (Charlotte, NC) Accord sport sedan
40. Monk (SW VA) 12 Civic Ex Coupe - Confirmed, Wednesday 3 or 4
41. 06CivicSiR (WPB FL) '13 STI


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I have a few questions on this. First is registration is for each person attending correct? i plan on bringing my gf with me so we must register both? Second is i looked up the rates for the lodge rooms and was waiting to register until the lower rates come. I have my money put aside for this so thats all I am waiting on.


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I have a few questions on this. First is registration is for each person attending correct? i plan on bringing my gf with me so we must register both? Second is i looked up the rates for the lodge rooms and was waiting to register until the lower rates come. I have my money put aside for this so thats all I am waiting on.

Yep, $25 for each person attending / eating both meals.

I will update when the discounted rates are available and until when. I'm talking with Fontana now.


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I believe I am paid and for a guest as well? (possible Mrs.) PM me if not Mr.Roll.

(08' LX)


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I was searching through Fontanas website and ran across the discolf corse! Does anyone else play?? I think this would be a great activity for everyone. I have about 20+ plus discs I could bring along. Disc Golfing is one of my favorite outdoor activities.
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