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Toys For Tots
2023 Toys For Tots Donation Thread


Since inception, we have given over 20 thousand dollars in donations to the charity!

To users who are new to the site, we have been doing an annual Toys For Tots donation dating back to around 2005. Each year we take donations and do a large shopping spree. All of the funds go directly to the charity. I even pay all of the fees that paypal charges me. So, if you donate $10, I will see to it that the full donation is given to the charity.

If you donate, you'll receive a tots ribbon banner which will show up below your avatar.

If you are not familiar with Toys For Tots, please see their website


This has been an annual event dating back to around 2005. We'll be accepting donations till around the 2nd week of December. Once we get closer to the end date, I will update this with further info.

All donations are tax deductible. I've had some members even do fundraisers at their school/college and then donate all of their collections here. If you want to do a donation like that, I can provide you info on how to donate the funds properly & get credit for it here. I can create special donation buttons for whatever dollar amount you'd like to donate.

I've setup $5, $10, $25, $50, $75, & $100 donation buttons here:

The other donation amounts say "for 9 months". This is in relation to how long the banner will be shown next to your name. You are only making a 1 time donation.

The money will be collected in paypal, but you can donate without a paypal account. You can donate by debit/credit card as well by clicking "Don't Have A Paypal Account?" on the payment page. From there, it will open a new page where you can enter a debit/cc without signing up for paypal.

Pic from previous years shopping to give you an idea of what we've done-



I will continue to update this thread as donations come in to give users a running total. Thanks for your consideration this year.


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Update on Tots:

We have a bit of a curve ball opportunity that just presented itself this year. We have the opportunity for espn to match any cash donations to toys for tots. I've spoken with those who have already donated to see how they would feel about this, and they are on board for this change. It means there will not be a toy shop done like years past. The money will purely be collected and then matched by espn.