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A modest increase in Civic High Beams for $30.


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A nice easy DIY task is to replace the standard Hi Beam bulbs with ones of a slightly higher output - but there is a trick to this - stick to the cheaper "+30%" bulbs - type 9005. I am talking about getting more useful actual light onto the road. (Getting a high-tech color look to your lights is a completely different issue.)

The task is easy, unclip the electrical connector (you must press the release clip at the end closest to the incoming wires and pull it away) and then twist the bulb anti-clockwise and remove it. Easy on the passanger side as you can squeeze your hand in, but I had to unscrew the battery hold down post and move it out of the way (no need to disconnect battery).
Don't tough the bulb glass - if you do then you must clean it well with a tissue and Isopropyl Alcohol or else it will blow up in seconds.

You must be realistic with the gain you hope to get. I replaced the driver's side bulb with the +30 and left the other one standard to make the comparrison below. I just stood in front of one side to block it while taking the photos - camera was kept in manual with the same settings: First photo shows standard globe and the second the Sylvania XtraVision +30 (which costs about $30 for a pair of bulbs)
Civic Si - Standard.JPG
Civic Si -Xtravision +30.JPG
My photos do not show the difference well - standing there in front of the car it seems that the +30 bulb gives appreciably more light. (If there were 10 observers there, I would bet that all 10, or at least 9, would correctly pick which side had the +30 bulb in it.)

Be very aware of believing the fantastic claims by the manufacturers and spending a lot of money - I tried the Sylvania Silverstar Ultra +50 and was very dissapointed. These cost me $60 a pair and give very little additional light, if any, inspite of their high tech purple tint. I did the same test on the same road, camera etc. with my 2002 Accord with a +30 on the one side and the +50 on the other - can you tell the difference? (Notice how much worse the old Accord lights are - and the lenses are not faided, just a terrible headlight design.)
Accord-Silverstar ultra +50.JPG
Accord-Xtravision +30.JPG

The top one is the +50 and from the photos you may say its better - but if the same 10 observers were there at the car I bet they could not tell the difference and would have to guess as to which side had the 'stronger' bulb.

Do not fall for the wild claims - remember that the wattage is still 60 watts in each case and I do not see how these wild claims are made. Some claim up to +130%!

My advise, stick to the cost effective +30's as with each increase in light output, there is corresponding loss of bulb life. I will not change my low beams as access to the bulbs is way more difficult and not worth the effort for the small gain.

Also I have turned up my fog lights (easily done with a star screw driver from underneath) almost as high as they go but still lower than the Low beams - this makes a huge difference especially for tight corners. Downside is that they are probaly way too high for use in actual fog and I must switch them off not to blind oncomming drivers.

Webby, can you help attach the last two photos showing the low beams and the fogs please, I cannot do it for some reason.

(inserted -webby)

My only wish is to be able to keep them on with the high beams. Does anyone know where I can get a wiring schematic of the Civic Fog Light Circuits? This woudl be greatly appreciated!


  • Civic Si Low + Fogs.JPG
    Civic Si Low + Fogs.JPG
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  • Civic si -Low Beam.JPG
    Civic si -Low Beam.JPG
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Download this PDF. I'm making it available for today only.
Password is: lights

Thank you Jasonandre and Webby - much appreciated!

Trying to keep the fogs on when switching to Hi Beam might be a little more complicated than I had hoped. I do not feel like running wires (kind of hoping tfor a simple jumper in the fuse box or something). Still, I will give it some thought and post something if I can figure something simple - just in case someone elso may also want to do it. (The 'aimed high' fog lights are quite usefull for twisty roads!) Oh boy....cars are getting complicated with all these control units everywhere........


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Before you go to all the trouble, you may want to check to see if it's illegal in your state to run the fogs/driving lights in with the high beams. It's a favorite midnight cop stop on country roads in some states . . . and will ruin your night.