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ADExternal's PMM Civic aka Orianna


Lvl: 99 Modifier
Houston, Tx
Vehicle Model
Civic Ex
Body Style


IMG_1416.JPG (2)-2.jpg


Civic is my second car after gifting my 02' VR-4 swap Galant to my sister. Was in the car scene back in the days, getting older and just wanna drive with style and comfortably. So I'm pretty experience in all aspects of modding both performance and appearance. For this civic, Im having her as a daily driven so Im going to lean towards more of the appearance and luxury performance. I believe just because its a 20k car doesnt meant it can't have all the features of the 30k+ car. And this is how she goes......

My DIYs:

Reverse Backup Camera DIY - http://9thcivic.com/forum/threads/adexternals-reverse-backup-camera-diy.6538/
iMid Player/RCA Add On DIY - http://9thcivic.com/forum/threads/adexternals-imid-player-rca-add-on.7390/
CS STI Style Lip DIY - http://9thcivic.com/forum/threads/adexternals-cs-sti-style-lip-coupes-only.8033/
Auto to Manual shift boot conversion DIY - http://9thcivic.com/forum/threads/adexternals-auto-to-manual-shift-boot-conversion-diy.9373/

My DIY Layouts:

iMid Plug.jpg


Mod List:

LED Trunk and plate lights
LED Map lights
LED Dome lights
Re-tinted windows from 50% to 35%
Civic Illuminating Door Sills
OEM Honda AutoShade
300mm Clear Broadway Mirror
Custom White LED Ambient Floor lights
Custom Blue dim LED accents
WeatherTech DigitalFit Mats
Custom Cup Holder Illumination
HFP Custom Logo
V1 Radar Ver. 1.85
Euro style Flip key
Full Color Reverse Camera

Custom iMid HD Media Player
Manual Shift Boot
6 Gauge OBDII Monitor
Additional Cup Holder
Modulo Auto Pedals
Steel dead rest cover
Yospeed Cup Holder Cover
Alpine MRV-M500 Amp
Pioneer TS-SW251 Sub w/encl
Rockford Fosgate RF-BLD Line Driver

2012 Accord Horn Swap
Compustar EZ-Go Module
Compustar Volt/Temp Sensors
Compustar 2W901R-SS Autostart/Alarm
Performance K&N Drop-In Filter
Intake Resonator Delete


6000k 35w HID Low Beams
5000k Nokya High Beams
3000k 35w HID Fogs - swapped with 6k
Taillights - 35% High Quality Vinyl Tint
LED License Plate Light
Metallic Dip Front Emblem
Black Dip Emblems & Badges
Civic Badge Removed
Universal Polyethylene Lip
Yospeed Custom License Plate
Tinted Turn Signals
Reverse Projector LED
Custom CRV Reverse Camera
Black gloss Read under bumper
UAE Projector Headlights

5000k Silver Star front turn Signals
Custom LED Tail Lights
Black Gloss Vinyl Wrap Hood, Roof, and Trunk
Canbus LED Parking lights
Hybrid Side Mirror and LEDs
HFP Side Skirts
Exterior Courtesy Lights
Head Courtesy LEDs


Bronze HFP-R7 17s Rims
OEM NSX Black Tuner Lugs
OEM S2K Black Tuner Wheel Locks
Black H Center Caps

BC Racing Coilovers BR 7k Front / 6k Rear
Custom Adjustable Camber Arms

Future Mods:
High Flow Exhaust
Catalytic Converter Delete

Mod History:

11.19.11 - Brought Orianna Home
11.20.11 - Removed license plate and sealed holes
11.23.11 - 6000k 35w HID Low Beams
11.25.11 - LED Conversion
12.03.11 - 5000k Nokya High Beams
12.11.11 - 3000k 35w HID and OEM Fog kit
01.20.12 - Black out Emblems & Badges
01.26.12 - V1 Radar Ver. 1.85
02.02.12 - Hard Wire V1 Kit Installed
02.12.12 - Eco Sticker Removed
02.18.12 - Re-tinted windows from 50% to 35%
02.22.12 - 35% Vinyl Smoked Tails
02.28.12 - Civic Badge Removed
03.11.12 - Metallic Dip Front Emblem
03.19.12 - Universal Polyethylene Lip
03.25.12 - Yospeed Custom License Plate
04.06.12 - Euro style Flip key Mod
04.11.12 - 2012 Accord Horn Swap
04.14.12 - 3k HID to 6k HID fog swap
04.26.12 - 17" HFP-R7 Rims
04.30.12 - Compustar 2W901R-SS Autostart/Alarm
05.03.12 - Compustar Volt/Temp Sensors
05.08.12 - Compustar EZ-Go Module
05.11.12 - Civic Illuminating Door Sills
05.14.12 - Custom White LED Ambient Floor lights
05.22.12 - Performance K&N Drop-In Filter
05.30.12 - OEM Honda AutoShade
06.01.12 - Intake Resonator Delete
06.04.12 - 300mm Clear Broadway Mirror
07.25.12 - OEM NSX Black Tuner Lugs
07.26.12 - OEM S2000 Tuner Wheel Lock
07.30.12 - Black H Center Caps
08.15.12 - WeatherTech DigitalFit Mats
08.21.12 - Custom Blue Dim LED accents
09.11.12 - Tinted Turn Signals
10.02.12 - Reverse Projector LED
10.21.12 - Custom CRV Reverse Camera
11.06.12 - Custom Cup Holder Illumination
11.22.12 - HFP Custom Logo
12.02.12 - Black Gloss Rear bumper
12.16.12 - UAE Projector Headlights
12.18.12 - LED Parking lights
12.30.12 - Silver Star 5k front turn Signals
01.20.13 - Custom LED Diffuser Lights

02.18.13 - BC Racing Coilover
02.19.13 - Windshield Wiper Delete
02.25.13 - Custom Adjustable Camber Arms
03.09.13 - Black Gloss Vinyl Wrap Hood, Roof, and Trunk
03.23.13 - Custom iMid HD Media Player
04.15.13 - Black JDM Style Badges
05.02.13 - Customer Rear License Plate
05.07.13 - Inline Coupe Side Visor
05.18.13 - Modulo Sports Pedal
05.19.13 - Remove Hood Vinyl Wrap
05.26.13 - STI CS Sports Style Lip
06.10.13 - Manual Shift Boot Mod
07.16.13 - Adjustable Camber Arms
08.29.13 - 6 Gauge OBDII Monitor
09.12.13 - Canbus LED turn signals
10.31.13 - OEM Painted STI Lip
11.01.13 - Additional Cup Holder
11.08.13 - Hybrid Turn Signal LEDs
12.16.13 - OEM Side Skirts
01.22.14 - Exterior courtesy SMD LEDs
04.16.14 - Upgraded Sub System

Current Photos





Past Photos

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Jötunn Moderator
Lew-vul, KY
Body Style
It's A Fast Pig!
that looks awesome man. really like it.


Well-Known Member
Your ride is very well thought out and constructed, ADE. Looks really good!