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Avoid Protuninglab.com - Horrible experience


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Hey guys,

First off, I made a few mistakes. One was not realizing there was a vendors page on the forum before making this purchase. The other was ordering the wrong OEM HID fog lights (bought 2012 si kit, I own a 2013 si). I am a dumbass and have learned from this.

Now, that being said, Protuninglab.com is a joke and their customer service is horrendous. First off, the lights came in a half opened shoe box surrounded by packing peanuts in a larger standard usps box. The product was clearly not brand new, and it was obviously not in the original packaging. Next, I reached out to them to get a refund for my purchase with every intention of just swapping the wrong kit with the correct one. Their response email was poorly written and extremely unhelpful. Then, because of me not shipping it back in the original box unopened, they're charging me a 20% restocking fee. Oh, I also have to pay for the shipping on the return. This place seems to be run out of a garage.

I then browsed the Web for other reviews on them and it was littered with horrible experiences. I won't ever use them again and just thought I'd share this. I didn't really know where to put this post, so I'm sorry if it shouldn't be in the product review section.