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CT Engineering Rear Sway Bar Group Buy

We're doing a special right now ($25 off) on the CT Engineering rear sway bar for the 9th Gen Civic Si. The rear sway bar is one of the best things you can upgrade on your suspension. The reason is the factory swap bar is too small and creates understeer. This is not too desirable for performance driving because it prevents you from turning when coming out of a corner. This upgraded CT Engineering rear sway bar is 19mm and is adjustable to either be 32% or 65% stiffer than stock! It also includes high performance polyurethane bushings.

Here is the breakdown of the features:
  • Diameter increased from 17mm (stock Si diameter) to 19mm.
  • Adjustable rear sway-bar upgrade with two adjustment settings.
  • First setting is 32% stiffer than stock, second setting is 65% stiffer than stock.
  • Helps reduce understeer and improves cornering response.
  • Includes urethane bushings and instructions.
  • Comes in a silver powdercoat finish.
  • Reuses factory end-links.
Technically this is a Group Buy and we need at least 3 orders to get this $25 off price, but I'm going to just give the code out assuming the minimum will be met. :thumb: Please use the code "9thcivic_cteng_sw_gb" during checkout!

Here is the product page to order from:

CT Engineering Sway Bar Upgrade

Please note: This Group Buy ends on June 31st, 2014 and is limited to inventory on hand!