Photos DIY - 2016+ Honda Civic Side Marker Replacement Coupe Sedan Hatchback DX/LX/EX/Touring

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    Super quick and easy DIY to replace your OE side markers on your 2016+ Honda Civic Coupe, Sedan, or Hatchback.
    These will set you back about $25 for the set of two, and take about 10 minutes of your time (if that - took me less at over 6 months pregnant)

    - Fits on all 10th Gen Civic models including DX/LX/EX/Touring
    - Replace OEM Part #s: 34300-TET-H01 / 34350-TET-H01

    Parts needed:
    Smoked Side Markers: Ebay link here
    Clear Side Markers: Ebay link here

    Tools needed:
    Phillips head screwdriver (to remove fender liner screws)
    Flat head screwdriver (to press large tab on old sidemarker)

    For this demonstration we are using a 2017 Rallye Red Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatchback.

    *I am not responsible for part fitment or any damages caused - DIY at your own risk*

    Before and After pic:


    Step 1: Find and remove the two fender liner screws with a phillips head screwdriver.


    Step 2: Peel back the fender liner beside the sidemarker and use a flat head screwdriver to press firmly on the center line on the side marker tab. The closer to the vehicle, the quicker and easier it releases.


    Step 3: Gently pull back the old side marker. Be aware that this will still be connected to the vehicle with short bulb connectors.


    Step 4: Hold the grey bulb socket while you gently twist the side marker up and away from you.


    Step 5: Place the new side marker on in the reverse way that you took the old one off.


    Step 6: Gently place the new side marker into position and firmly press in the area where the large tab is.


    Step 7: Put the fender liner back into place and secure it with the 2 screws using the phillips head screwdriver again.


    Step 8: Sit back and admire your work!

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    The smoke looks great with the wheels and trim. Nicely done!
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