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Eibach pro-kit on 2012 EX sedan

Ron Flood

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The pro-kit is for a slight lowering job without having to worry about bumps or what not. The kit was relatively easy to do, lots of youtube videos will steer you in the right direction. Here's a picture years ago when I first got my 2012 EX.

2012 Civic undropped.jpg

As you can see the front is 4x4 status, honestly I really didn't mind the rear, especially since I have amps and a sub box in the back, knew it would sag much more than the front.

2012 Civic dropped front2.jpg

front dropped only.

2012 Cvic fully dropped2.jpg

Oddly enough the rear doesn't look like it dropped much, but it did.

Here are some observations of mine. When I first installed the springs, they were really soft and the springiness was all over the place, give a couple months, once they start to settle they ride normally. But at first, I was like "what the?". Like going around corners at highway speeds felt like my car want to sway right off the highway. I did swap out the rear sway bar with an Si's sway bar, although after letting it settle I prefer the softer ride. Initially the front lowered 1.2" and after 6 months it has maintained a 1.5" drop, from the advertised 1". Rear was around 1" from the advertised .7", after a few months, it really hasn't changed, hopefully it doesn't. Generally speaking the pro-kit is a gentler ride than the stock springs, if you want a sportier ride you will have to upgrade your sway bars and ad some strut braces, these are strictly for looks, not sport handling, but then some may disagree with me. I was a little concerned about my coffee can muffler, but my mind can rest easy now since it has been pretty good for ground clearance, never whacked it yet anyways.

2012 Civic dropped rear.jpg

Overall its a pretty decent kit that is a nice balanced drop if looking for one, most who drop their cars prefer lower, but I still have nightmares from my 7th gen civic and having a few passengers. Its a very safe drop. I personally like the bit softer ride, sedans to me are all about comfort and convenience.

2012civic modulo front.jpg

Its a nice comfortable ride and stance without being too aggressive. It hard to tell from the pictures, but in real life on a perfectly flat surface, the rear has got less clearance in the wheel wells, the reason I say this is because I have seen coupes with the same pro-kit and the rear has more clearance than the front, just an observation.