Flashpro Tune wont upload. Help!

Discussion in 'ECU Tuning' started by Schwarz Zwei Tür, Dec 13, 2018.

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    The other day, my 13’ Si had a dead battery due to leaving light on. I jumped the battery, and electrical system is doing fine, starting and charging ok, and battery is maintaining charge perfectly. However, now when I try to reupload the tune, it will not load. It runs through the upload sequence like normal, but in the end, the tune is not uploaded and all of the warning lights are still on. When connected to my PC, it says it is communicating with the ECU, and that tune has uploaded. But when I turn off and restart, it’s not. I have latest version of Hondata on PC and latest firmware on Flashpro. I’m really in the dark about what I’m doing wrong here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As a note, I’ve spent hours upon hours searching forums, even calling Hondata, and thus far, no fix has been found.
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    It's possible the battery can be on it's last leg, as I ran into this issue recently as well. What I ended up having to do is leave a trickle charger connected to the battery when I try the upload. This prevented the battery from going too far low in voltage output and was able to successfully re flash the car.
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