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Went back to VIR for SCCA TNiA and did 3 morning sessions. I improved to a new personal best of 2:24.208 which is a little over 6 seconds faster than my last PB back in March of a 2.30.3xx. This is great considering the honda challenge cars for 8th/9th gen run 2:15s with considerably less weight and about 205whp. This car has a 2:20 in it at almost 3k lbs and 180 whp
yea i tensed up when you started moving towards the wall
Kind of a big update, but I am ditching the Acura RL calipers for a proper bbk from Paragon Performance. These guys havent been in business for as long as some other big name companies but what sold me is the use of these kits on two Team Honda cars, an 11th gen Si and an FK8 for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. They offer both 4 piston and 6 piston kits and the difference in price between the 2 is about $200. The calipers are similar to the AP Racing kit and also have the option to run Alcon calipers. The rotors are 2 pc floating with the option to run any outer ring from nearly 6 different companies (very modular). The kit also comes with the caliper brackets and stainless steel brake lines. They are optimized to run with the stock BMC and theres no need for an aftermarket APV for brake bias. The pad sizing can come from Endless, AP, Project Mu, possibly carbotech, and a few others. I will be partnering up with Paragon Brakes and hoping to get these in within the next month or so.



The APR wing finally sold yesterday so now I can figure out what to replace it with. Its coming down to 3 choices...a swan neck from PCI, a standard aluminum wing from 9 Lives Racing, or the Epsilon GT wing
So before I got the PCI wang, I went to Carolina Motorsports Park for a TNiA event. The car without the APR wing was terrifying. In the first session I ended up spinning off track in the same spot 2x. I went out for the second session and after making some adjustments to the suspension and rear tire pressure had zero issues. Unfortunately in the 3rd session, I ended up going off track 2 turns before the first 2 off's. After the event, I went back and looked at the footage from Gridlife and I carried the same line through both videos and the difference in speed was very apparent.

Fast forward to this past weekend, I did another Jzilla Track Day event at Atlanta Motorsports Park. This was my final event of the year so I was hoping to make the best of it. The tires I were running were some old take off's from Gridlife and they had just enough life in them for a day of abuse. In December of last year and my first ever time at AMP, I had a personal best time on a 1:52.889 in rainy conditions. Yesterdays weather was sorta of similar in the morning hours but cleared up later in the day. Temps were in the 50's and my tire temps never got above 30 psi hot. Every session I improved my time with the exception of the last time. The tires were done and were starting to cord on the inner tread.

I also got the chance to drive my friends 320 whp SC 8th gen. Ive never driven it before but it was a BLAST. I took it out for one of my sessions and the car was just beating up on everything. The best battle was between me and a full bolt on STi. He'd get me in the corners but exiting the corners and on the straights, the civic was just way better. It makes all the right noises but I know in the back of my mind it wouldnt be ideal for tracking, especially in hotter conditions, so for my car Im just gonna stay NA for a while.