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Headliner for 2011 civic coupe LX


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Coupe LX
My headliner has been sagging for a while now, all adhesion is gone and it has just gotten worse over time. I have a 2011 Coupe LX and when I called upholstery shops I was given estimates of $700+. So I am curious if anyone knows any DIY fixes or how I could go about fixing the adhesion. Or any shops in my area that have a lower price. NJ/NY/PA area


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How to remove the headliner : see if it’s something you’d want to do.

View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yrMdOKGEGVM

You could peel it off and reapply the adhesive to the fabric. If the fabric is ruined, you can buy just the fabric and redo the adhesive. Something like this below