Honda automatic day/night mirror with Homelink


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Honda has an automatic day/night mirror for the Civic but it doesn't have Homelink. I was wondering if anyone had installed the mirror with Homelink from the Accord/Fit/Odyssey. The wiring seems to be the same, the only difference if the mount on the windshield. The Civic uses a wedge mount with a clip to hold it in place whereas the Accord/Fit/Odyssey uses a wedge mount with a screw to hold it in place.

Will the Accord/Fit/Odyssey mirror work or is there an adapter of some kind that's needed?

I was looking at Gentex mirrors and they all use the screw type wedge mount but the installation instructions show how to remove both the clip type and screw type wedge mount mirror and the instructions don't specify the use of an adapter with the clip type.

Civic Mirror:

Accord/Fit/Odyssey Mirror:

Gentex Mirror:
I’ve done the Gentex mirror on 2 Si sedans. The screw type works just fine in the OEM clip type. Just don’t tighten the screw too tight.

The Si sedan just had a regular mirror as OEM, so I had to do the wiring on my own with an “add a fuse” thing and some spare wire.
Thank you both. It sounds like the Accord mirror will work in that case. I already bought the Honda wiring harness for the mirror so it should be pretty plug and play. I’ll let you know how it goes.