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Okay, I've read a few threads and have seen the "just trade it in", and "just sell and buy an M/T" responses. But just for intellectual curiosity assuming I have all the money and tools what would I need and how would I go about swapping an A/T to an M/T?
probably at minimum, the transmission, engine compartment harness, interior harness, flywheel, clutch and associated hydraulics, clutch pedal and bracket, ecu from a m/t car (which means you will need to reprogram your immobilizer via HDS), and since HDS programming is needed you'll need access to that or an equivalent for key programming, m/t gauge cluster if you dont want to look at the automatic shifter indicators

youd pretty much be stripping the car down to the frame around the firewall to run all the new harnesses and building it back like it was done in the factory
manual swapping a car isnt worth the work these day with all the electronics and such.
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