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    Since I ran into this issue, and after a lot of searching, never really did find an answer, I figured Id post my input to possibly save someone the future frustration. So I did my first 7500 rpm pull the other night, and after looking at the datalogs, noticed I was maxed out at 8 psi. I suspected belt slip, then received an email from Vit saying "Fix your belt slip!", lol. The tension adjustment on the blower unit was already maxed out, so a smaller belt seemed like the answer. Im told that the belt that comes with the kit ( K060725 ), is for a 120mm pulley, even if you order it with the 110mm. The only help I could get, because Kraftwerks ( Skunk2 ) apparently didnt pay their phonebill, and Vit is always understandably extremely busy, was a video on Youtube. But this guy had the 105mm pulley. He went to the K060716. SO I pulled up the Gates belt size chart, got the total difference between the K060725 and the K060716 ( 1 1/4" ), and split the difference, which is the K060721. Well, it fit great and worked like a charm. Next series of 7500 rpm pulls, 12 psi consistantly!!!

    So here are the Gates belt sizes for their respective pulley sizes.

    120mm K060725
    110mm K060721
    105mm K060716
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    So which pulley are you running on your car..... the 110?
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    i just got the 110mm pulley and im only pulling 9.8 psi at 1200 ft elevation will the smaller belt help to production those extra psi's because right now my original belt from the 120mm pulley is maxed out tight but it seem to be really tight or do i have to go tighter

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