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Discussion in 'ECU Tuning' started by Schwarz Zwei Tür, Nov 20, 2017.

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    So I was cruising around in the Civic last night, doing some very "spirited" driving, ok, some racing and very fast driving. It was the coldest outside that is has been since I got the car boosted. Air temperatures were around 31F, intake air temps 41F. So needless to say, the car was making great power, pulling much harder than Ive ever felt before. Anyway, later on in the night, I went to do a high speed run on a long straightaway back road. Went fine through the gears, pulling hard and running clean. But, when I made the shift to 6th, I lost all engine power and all the warning lights and system warnings came on, like when you flash your ECU. I thought I was screwed, but, the car ran just fine as I carfully drove it a few miles back to the house. My best figure was, that Vit builds in a limp mode for when things get out of parameters, and Im thinking I mad just a little too much boost and the program said NO. After returning home, I grabbed my flashpro, and flashed the ECU with the proper tune. I then turned on the car, and all lights were now off and it ran like a dream. I went out for about a 20 minute drive, doing a datalog and pushing the car just as hard down the same road again, with no problems this time. The datalog looked great and everything was in parameters. But, I did notice that I was making about 13 psi, on the 110 mm pulley, which is a bit higher than the usual 11-12. So, Im thinking the temps made just a little too much boost, and Vits safety measures in the tune kicked in. Am I correct in assuming this? Has anyone experienced this before? Im not worried at this point, as it seems to not be a problem, just wondering. Much thanks!!!
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    Did you contact vit?

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