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Local Autocross


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I'll send him a message to post. I saw him and Flight on Saturday at the event Flight posted about lol

Ok Jeff you win this time...

Rented a Kia Forté and entered in the “daily driver class” to make it interesting, 14 entries, most beaters or DD, 2nd and 3rd place had 200tw extreme performance tires, I had 500tw all seasons and won by over a second, enjoy the screaming tires...

View: https://youtu.be/fUUekAJwk8E

2 weeks ago I did run my actual car and won NC autox championship in my class (scca solo spec coupe)

View: https://youtu.be/SWBbYcuxMAQ


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there is auto cross here too, I would like to try all three of my cars in auto cross. the srt-4 would destroy the honda si and granny 2001 neon-but this car would be quite good-it weighs less than 2600pds.:box:


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What do u run faster times in?
The supercharged civic is faster in the autocross because of the suspension setup. I imagine if I threw a set of true coil overs on the Si and got a good alignment it would be just as fast.