MSPAINT You car Thread!!!


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Hey guys! New game to play! Draw your car in MS PAINT!

Here are the rules!

- Use only MS PAINT
- only use pencil tool and fill tool
- no un-doing (no matter how bad you mess up!)
- no draw-overs
- no tracing
- no drawing aid
- no drawing tablets

Just you, and the mouse/touchpad

It's a fun thing so just be silly :D

I'll start!



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Civic Si
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Ever take art classes? I'm impressed

No. Lol. Thanks.

wow you abolished me! these are supposed to be crappy! hahaha

Look here is an older thread.. same idea lol

It was pretty much the same concept as the Draw Something App. Except that I used a mouse.

You can see some of my work here. Lol.

It's harder using a mouse, especially when all I used was the pencil option for drawing straight lines or half/full circles.
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