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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by hasu, Jul 26, 2018.

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    2013 honda civic lx just changed compressor and condenser last week, when i turn the AC on this nasty mold smell

    2013 honda civic lx. 146,xxx miles on it. taken good care of it. recently i was hearing a clicking noise and ac wouldn't work, mechanic said to replace compressor and condenser as compressor clutch may be out.

    bought it on rockauto and had mechanic replace that a week ago. when i turned my AC button on today. I this really nasty almost like mold smell. drove 15 mins to my destination. then turned it back on and left it running with windows down, i smelt it again, friend put his head inside and said it almost smells like rubber, left the air on with windows down for about 20 mins.

    but when i was driving back home, i turned ac button off (blower on) i started smelling it again. What's going on! I got the kit for compressor, the mechanic said he put a little extra oil in it. I have almost regularly changed both my air filters. i'm not a big car guy. HELP! (it is an IL car park it outside)
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    This works. I literally just used ultra shield on my crv.

    Smell will come back though.

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