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nothing really wrong with that. The only real downside is creating redundancy (if you have any)
the lack of redundancy sometimes makes me worry, but i tell myself ill phase out drives before they hit a catastrophic end of life and put them on a shelf to get at least partial backup
shhhhh stop telling everyone my secrets!
Media Server people, what do you use to host your stuff? a NAS?
Synology DS1522+ with five 8TB Synology Enterprise HDD drives in RAID 6, two 400GB SSD cache, 32GB RAM, and a 10Gb LAN expansion card. I could have gone with all SSDs, but I feel like that's overkill (and pricey) for my specific uses.
Primarily bought mine with the desire for ample data reliability and redundancy. I don't use Plex specifically but I can install it within the interface. I don't stream media on it much, but when I do there are zero issues.
The software is quite diverse and easy to use. The only real gripe with purchasing anything Synology is the premium cost. They prefer you use their branded drives and RAM which are significantly more expensive, but you can still use a limited number of other brands. They have a list of supported drives/RAM for each model on their website.
I spent $2800 on this setup two years ago, which is an arguably excessive price for any personal NAS, but I don't regret it one bit.
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