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For Sale P2R Intake Resonator Delete for 12+ Honda Civic SI


P2R Intake Resonator Delete for 12+ Honda Civic Si. Custom sized red rubber cap and stainless steel worm clamp both made in the USA offer a high quality solution to remove your air intake resonator. The original Honda intake for this vehicle is a well engineered piece. The P2R resonator delete helps you to retain the Honda lower section of the intake so that you can continue to take advantage of Hondas engineering while adding some sound to your intake to make your engine sound more beefy.

Part#: P363
Price: $12.99


Here are a few pictures of what needs to be done to install this part. I did not include pictures of how to get to this point; however, what needs to be done is as follows:
1. Put front driver side of car up on a jack stand
2. Remove the inner fender well
3. Remove lower section of intake to make drilling of resonator easier.

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You guys should make a scoop for the OEM intake box that will take in a lot more air compared to stock. Something like this.

MM Intake.jpg


Were in the process of making a mold for something similar to that. Its still a little early in the process for me to give away any details on it; however, it will retain much of the factory setup.