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Password jdm dry carbon fiber gurney flap


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First of all that so called sticky tape that comes on them or complete junk you have to strip all that off and clean the surface and pick you up some good double-sided adhesive that will stick decently.

Secondly you're going to have to worry about it eventually flying off the spoiler because it can and will happend or some piece of **** will steal it off the car.

Now you can go about a couple ways of securing it down whether it be rivets or with hardware but you are going to have to invest by doing this correctly without it looking like trash

OR you can go about having it molded to the O.E.M wing as I did. I went out and bought a second H.F.P wing from Honda just so I can swap back here and there when I'm feeling it.

I went even as far as having it painted just so people have to take a second look and guess if it's O.E.M or not. Usually the carbon fiber weave gives it away but it's nice to see people really look to see the details

That looks nice. Did you do it or a body shop?

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I've had no issues with mine that I've had on for almost a year now (through a pretty warm sacramento summer last year too). I did look into possible issues with coming off it and ended up buying some 3M Super Strength Molding Tape (I bought the 1/2 x 15 roll from Amazon) to replace the existing tape. I also used 3M 4298 Adhesion Promoter (also bought through Amazon) after wiping down the application area with rubbing alcohol.

ron v

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I want to get one so bad. But I know around here they’ll steal it pretty quick. Sucks I can’t park the si indoors.