Phone Controls on 2013 Civic with Kenwood DNX692


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For my install, i tried to tap into the built in mic of the civic2013, which are the terminals #1,2,3 at the blue tooth module. But i was not successful using the built in mic.
so i have to install the mic that came with my sony radio (located at vent - see photo)
Thanks!! I did not think of doing it that way. How well does it hold up if the fan is wide open?


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Thanks!! I did not think of doing it that way. How well does it hold up if the fan is wide open?
Mechanically, my mic hold up well since I think sony designed the mic's mounting to be mounted on the vent - it has a u shape mount exactly sized as the vent louvers. Unlike my JVC mic which has a double sided tape.
Regarding noise of blower vs voice recognition - it still worked ok. Siri could still understand our voice commands even with the blower on.


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Sorry. Metra Axxess has not responded yet.
I already proceeded completing the missing other half of my audio steering wheel controls.
Bypassed the CANHiLo signals for the SWC and went directly to the steering wheel resistor/switch terminals at the steering wheel.
All steering wheel works now - Hands free/bluetooth/VoiceSiri buttons and AudioRemote/Volume/source buttons (all analog).
Note that the SWC diy audio plugs have two separate input signals so i used both for each controls

UPDATE TO MY POST (Problem found with my previous install)
My setup of bypassing the CAN bus to get access to the SWC volume controls, made some unexpected response when I try to use the MID controls when accessing vehicle information, oil reset, clock reset etc [pressing the menu button]. Basically, i have two(2) functions for each button when i use the MID screen to access these functions (e.g. scrolling thru the MID menu using the up button , activates the radio volume control as well.

This does not bode well with the car owner (my wife), so the only way was to make the metra axxess to work on my wife's car.

Even though Metra Axxess tech support did not respond to my email, i know that their diagram should work for my civic2013, The only problem was programming it to recognize my car and radio. I tried to re-install the SWC metra axxess controller last sunday and DID what one of the user in one forum to put the switch on #II (ignition position) during programming. And surely it recognize my radio (flashing four red led for SONY) and solid red afterwards.

So my customer was happy, she has all the SWC for HFTs and Audio remote now.

Just sharing my mistakes for everyone to learn from.


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I also have a Kenwood + ADS-MRR setup. Finally got all the buttons programmed and working. For using Bluetooth buttons with aftermarket radio, I just wanted to point out my mistake at first so no one else has to go through it again:

2013 Civic HF, base audio with Bluetooth. I think this also applies to LX.
Kenwood DDX9906XR

When programming the Maestro RR, be sure to uncheck Bluetooth, during the step of "SELECT HOW YOU WANT TO CONFIGURE YOUR SYSTEM". This is where I got wrong the first time. I kept the Bluetooth checked following my intuition because of course I DO want to use Bluetooth (and the buttons), but I didn't realize that refers to factory Bluetooth module, not the one with the aftermarket radio, nor the Bluetooth buttons.


When wiring up everything, follow the "CIVIC WITHOUT AMP(for base stock radio) NOT RETAINING OEM BLUETOOTH(for using the BT buttons with aftermarket radio) 2012-2013" procedures, specifically, unplug the factory BT module and connect the orange/red wire to pin 15 of the unplugged factory Bluetooth module harness. The instruction has the pin number diagram of the connector (if I remember it correctly the direction was looking from the wire side).


Yeah, I do agree with what you say. The imid is tightly integrated with the car and works in conjunction with my kenwood giving rise to some cool gimmicks as below:


Let me call Honda and crutchfield and see if they can help me.

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Quick question did your car originally have navigation? Thanks