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Photo shop software


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I just received my "Adobe SH Light room 5" , and hadn't even loaded it yet when my Cousin came by and was looking though my computer and just installed a program for free(I didn't even know he was putting it on my pc), that kind of does the same thing(I don't know, to what degree yet as I haven't used it yet.
So anyway, I was wondering if any of you guys/girls, have ever heard of this product...... "FastStone Image Viewer" ??? If so what do you think of it?


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I've never tried it, but it's like the 3rd most popular free photo editor on cnet. IrfanView, & PhotoScape are also at the top for free image editors. I've not used any to comment though. If you did a search on youtube, you could probably see tutorials on each and determine if one looks good/better for what you want to do.