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PRL Downpipe for 2012-2015 Civic Si


The PRL "race" downpipe / header for the 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si.
Link: http://hardmotion.com/shop/header/plm-2012-honda-civic-header-downpipe-9thgen/
Price: $329.99


This downpipe has gotten some great numbers, is well priced and has an extra o2 bung sensor
which allows you to tap in a secondary wideband/afr monitoring system such as the aem afr/wideband gauge.
Made out of stainless steel and featuring a one-piece all in one system with a 3inch outlet, as well a flexpipe.
Include defouler for those not running flashpro, but we reccomend you picking up a 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si Hondata flashpro to help access and tune out the air fuel ratio to help make power. This downpipe comes in non-cat format only but one can still be welded in by the user afterwards if need be.

Most downpipes produce a good amount of power, generally considered the main bottle-neck of the k24z7.
We highly reccomend also picking up a hasport rear-engine mount, link here: 2012-2015 Hasport Rear Engine Mount.


Any questions or information or combo pricing or price matching needed, feel free to contact us.
http://hardmotion.com/contact/ or call.
Link: http://hardmotion.com/shop/header/plm-2012-honda-civic-header-downpipe-9thgen/
Price: $329.99


New Member
Whats better that or full race

Im going full race exhaust and wanted full race dp but some kid around me is selling a brand new prl for $240