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Discussion in 'Exhaust & Downpipes' started by cdistefano27, May 12, 2014.

  1. cdistefano27

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    Narragansett, Rhode Island
    Is there any way at all to keep this exhaust at a low tone or is this thing just a blast pipe all the time? I know that it is a very audible exhaust and I love that. But I just don't want to wake up my neighbors when come home if I keep the rpms below 3k. For those skunk2 owners, I would like to hear some input on this please.
  2. bram24681012

    bram24681012 Well-Known Member

    I donno what to do either man, its bearable with the silencer but I want the throttle response back
  3. bram24681012

    bram24681012 Well-Known Member

    I got 2 excessive noise tickets! so I'm forced to use the silencer :'(
  4. webby
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    Just driving around town or were you driving hard?
  5. bram24681012

    bram24681012 Well-Known Member

    Rpm was never above 3000! Just driving west end of Toronto. First one I was making a left hand turn at casual speed. And the second was under a bridge driving around 50km/h. So ridiculous
  6. Dutchmaster

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    NYC area.
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    Honda Civic Si
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    I have the skunk 2 exhaust an I always drive with the silencer on. It gets alittle ridiculous without a silencer. It makes me feel guilty for doing the most normal things, like starting from a hill or downshifting to pass someone. Everyone freaks out and swerves away because of the sudden instant loud noise that made them crap their panties.
    Oh well:driving:
  7. Dahws

    Dahws Well-Known Member

    I love mine! No silencer. LAF! Very loud and helps with the throttle response immensely. Other than the silencer, not much else you can do. It also depends on how you drive it. I drive mine like a grandma later at night and keep the rpms low which keeps the noise down drastically.
  8. voodoo50

    voodoo50 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, you are s*** out of luck boss. I have the megapower 76mm exhaust and it is LOUD. Silencer is our only choice. Good luck.

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