DIY R18(ex, lx, dx) Manual Transmission Fluid Change

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    3/8 Ratchet
    17mm Socket
    10mm Socket
    Long Funnel or Fluid Transfer pump
    2qts of MTF of your choice.

    Take your Driver Wheels off.

    You can see my Pump in this picture to you can use that or a long funnel

    2. Take your Intake airbox access to this area would be easier if you use long tunnel and to take of the fill bolt.
    3. Take of the wheel well mini cover by taking off the bumper clips thats circled.[​IMG]
    You now will see this.
    and this
    First put funnel right under the drain bolt theres a little hole there to slip in the skinny end of the funnel and you can put a catch pan under. Take of the drain bolt using 3/8 socket.

    When its all done screw back up the drain bolt and unplug the fill bolt. I found it easier doing it from here and loosing it up from here. Then go back to the your wheel well and take it off from there.

    If your using a long funnel with a flexible hose on it you can fill it from the engine bay.
    If your using the pump that im using you can do either but its easier to slip in the flexible hose from the wheel well and will take some time to fill it up. Keep filling until its full and make sure your car is leveled.

    Return everything the opposite way and your done!

    Better shifting, more buttery
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    images backed up - thank you for the diy
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    It's good practice to remove the filler before draining the oil, just in case you can't get the filler out. Being a fairly new vehicle this would not be a problem.
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    ^^this nice DIY

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