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Rack and pinion problem? Car wanders left and right.


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My 2014 civic lx has 85k miles and the steering has been starting to wander the past year. It was time for new tires so I got new tires and had it aligned and balanced but the wander still exists. When I say wander, when the car hits seams or groves in the road, the front tires want to follow even when the steering wheel is held steady. On a smooth road, the car can drive in a straight line no problem but making small micro adjustments seems..... less precise than when I first had the car. I have starting feel extremely unsafe on some bumpy roads when going anywhere form 40 - 70, but if the road is good, I feel mostly fine.

I'm afraid the rack needs to be replaced. A bit bumper since this seems like a huge expensive for me at the moment.

Has anyone had similar issues or had this part replaced before?

Edit: no noise when turning the steering wheel, both of the rack are not leaking any fluids or oils
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I’d feel unsafe going over bumpy roads at 70 too lol.
Like webby said check the struts shocks first (way cheaper repair).