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Rear suspension feeling SKETCH


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Hi all,

2012 si coupe. There is this crazy, slick black asphalt, banked horseshoe turn off the off ramp on my way home from work. 3 times a week I'm stuck behind some dingus, but at least twice a week I hit it just right and try and take it right to the edge of oversteer and hit the apex. Ots literally the only thing I look forward to on my commute.

The other day an I8 did a cringe rice flyby on me and cut me off in true BMW fashion only to hit the wrong lane and got stuck behind a truck, leaving said turn wide open for me and I returned the flyby favor. Only this time at the entrance to the turn, my rear end didn't plant and it just felt like Jello and I immediately entered oversteer but managed to turn into more of a squeal fest/controlled slide.

It probably looked intentional, but there is something amiss with my rear suspension. The problem is now appearing in slow normal neighborhood corners. Just feels loose. My first thought was sway bar bushings? You guys got any off the hip shots on what I might look at first? My tires are healthy Hankooks, bearings are good as I recently did rotors and pads and felt them up and found no play. 90k miles. Thanks in advance.


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Bushings, sway bar, how about shocks? Are your shocks and springs oem with 90k miles?


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Civic Si
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Gonna sound silly, but are your rear tires low/lower on air? I had that same feeling before in my RSX when I had a low tire on a similar style turn